New School at Investment Park

DUBAI - The Middle East’s largest business and residential community in the emirate has housed another international school within its premises as part of its move to create a world education zone.

The Al-Worood School that is a part of the UAE based Al Worood Academy is the seventh school located in the Dubai Investment Park (DIP) and will offer an international curriculum for children from Kindergarten to Grade 3 .

“The opening of the new school is a continuation of DIP’s initiative to provide quality educational opportunities to residents of Dubai,” Omar Al Mesmar, general manager, DIP, said.

The campus is spread over an area of 25,000 square metres and has facilities such as outdoor playground, an indoor gym and a swimming pool.

“DIP’s excellent infrastructure and facilities make it an ideal location for the new school,” Dr Mona Al Ansari, vice president of Al-Worood Academy, said.

“Our decision was also influenced by the fact that the Park comprises a growing residential population, who seek easy access to quality education for their children.” DIP is a self sustaining city that hosts more than 1,200 companies with specially developed industrial, commercial, residential and education zones.

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