More showers dip mercury further

More showers dip mercury further

Light to moderate rain continued in various parts of the 
country on Saturday with temperatures dropping down to 5 to 9 degree Celsius, particularly on mountain peaks.


Nissar Hoath

Published: Sun 23 Jan 2011, 8:55 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 5:47 AM

A Met office report said the heaviest rainfall on Saturday was recorded in some parts Abu Dhabi’s Al Gharbia (Western Region), in the mountains of Hajar Range in Northern Emirates, and the remote areas of Al Ain.

The National Centre of Metrology and Seismology (NCMS).on Saturday reported that the lowest temperature of 5.6 degree Celsius was recorded in Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Jais, UAE’s highest mountain.

Al Ghuwaifat on the Saudi border recorded the heaviest rainfall with 41mm and with a temperature of 12.9 degree Celsius. Masafi in Northern Emirates received 16mm of rainfall; Mazyad in Al Ain 12.6, Medinat Zayed in Al Gharbia 8.2, Al Ain 7.8 and Abu Dhabi 7.4. Some of Al Ain’s remote areas received more than 8mm rain. A resident of Sir Bani Yas in Al Gharbia said the weather has been cooler and wetter for the last 48 hours and expected more rain as the thick and dark clouds were still covering the sky.

Residents in Liwa Oasis, which is at the edge of the great Empty Quarter and one of the driest and hottest areas of the country, said they were overjoyed with the continued rain and cool wind. “It has been cloudy with drizzles for the past few days, but from Friday night it has been continuous rain and all the nearby sand dunes are well wet,” said Abdullah Mohammed, an expatriate working at a farm.

The temperature in the Capital and its surrounding areas was below 16 degree Celsius during the day. Since Friday night, light to moderate showers continued till Saturday noon. Similar weather conditions were reported from nearby Ras Al Ghanada, Ghantoot, Al Khatm and Al Khazna areas.

Residents in Al Ain and neighbouring Buraimi in Oman told Khaleej Times that the areas were cloudy with light showers for the past several days, and since Friday night it has been raining with short breaks. The temperature was cold but bearable, they said, adding that it had been extremely pleasant weather with light showers which help clean the air,” said Abdul Qader Ismail of Buraimi. The Met office forecast a similar weather condition will continue throughout the country during the next couple of days. According to NMCS, the sea is likely to be rough from time to time.

No major accidents

The Traffic and Patrols Department of Abu Dhabi said on Saturday that no major road accidents was reported in relation with the continued rains across the emirate.

According to a spokesperson, there were a large number of minor accidents caused by break failure due to the rain. Most of the cases were those of cars bumping to each other on the various roads in the Capital and its suburbs, causing minor injuries.

Most of such cases were recorded in highways leading out of the city to airport, Dubai, Al Ain and Al Gharbia.

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