Latrache and Barbar simply brilliant

The eighth night of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award witnessed a genius who not only learns the Quran by heart, but also can tell the number of the chapter, verse and page.

This was 16-year-old Mohammed Latrache of Morocco who memorised the Holy Quran in full in just one year. “I started my journey with the Quran at the age of seven and finished at eight at Dar Al Quran Centre for the Holy Quran.”

Mohammed said he used to memorise half a page per day, then added up more verses until he reached 15 pages on a daily basis.

“I have had to revise up to 15 parts (300 pages) per day to tighten memorisation,” he said. Showing outstanding performance in a local competition, this Grade-8 student was nominated for the Dubai Quran award.

“The Quran has changed my behaviour for better; I did not do childish things so that people think I am a grown up man despite my young age at that time,” he said, noting that all the Quran memorisers he came across are excellent in their academic study.

Another brilliant memoriser is Mohammed Barbar from Denmark who speaks Danish, English and Arabic fluently. This 15-year-old, Grade-9 student of Lebanese origins also memorised the Holy Quran in one year, depending mostly on audio records of popular readers other than going to the masjid where he “joined an intensive course for memorisation.”

Though the Dubai award is Mohammed’s first international contest, he far excelled other memorisers in the local contests, and hence he was nominated for the competition here by the Muslim League in Denmark.

Believing that the one who memorises the Quran and teaches it to other is of the best as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said.

Mohammed was very keen to learn the Quran by heart. “The Quran has thoroughly changed my ways of life, and even my style of study, it is a real blessing.”

Mohammed then said though the blasphemous cartoons have increased anti-Islam racism, numerous Danish people wanted to know about the religion. US Consul General Justin H Siberell said, the contest has become a prominent global annual event attracting contestants from around the world.

“I am proud to be here today on behalf of millions of Muslims in the United States,” he said, adding that the Americans are now learning more about the bright image of Islam which plays a critical role in the States.

Siberell then said there is healthy dialogue between Muslims and other religions in his country. “America has a set of strong rules and regulations that protect the right of all people who stay there.”

Meanwhile, five contestants from Bangladesh, Guinea Bissau, Egypt, Mozambique and Myanmar, are to sit for the final tests tonight at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

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