KT@42: Born to serve with courage and care

By Vicky Kapur

Published: Thu 16 Apr 2020, 1:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 16 Apr 2020, 3:56 PM

Anniversaries are milestones in one's journey of evolution; a time to relive the triumphs and rejoice in the achievements of the past, to take stock of the efforts and endeavours of the present, and to reinforce the ambitions and objectives for the future. Khaleej Times' anniversary today is certainly a milestone. But now is not the time to celebrate.
As the world endures a pandemic and nations unite to fight a spiked enemy that is just over one ten-millionth of a millimetre in size, we dedicate our 42nd Anniversary Special to the superheroes without capes - but certainly in masks and gloves, in overalls or uniforms - who're keeping a vigil throughout day and night so that you and I can remain healthy.
Our special edition is a tribute to the frontline heroes who work selflessly and tirelessly to keep us safe. These include the doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals who haven't met their families in weeks, intently treating and courageously caring for patients. The municipal and civic workers who step out to sanitise the streets, disinfect the parks, and cleanse the public transport for us and our families. The firefighters and police personnel who are out there as first responders and troubleshooters, enforcing the law in letter and spirit to help win this fight.
The superheroes also include the supermarket attendants and delivery agents who ensure we continue to get what we need; the telecom operators, bankers, and all emergency workers who are there when we need them; and last but not the least - the journalists and other media persons who step out to give us the credible, reliable and trustworthy news to keep us informed and ready with the knowledge to beat this tiny villain.
As in the past, we at KT will take the annual opportunity that our anniversary affords us to renew our pledge to continue to stay true to our ideals to make life better for you, our audience. To prioritise good news and present authentic, credible and trustworthy information and a diversity of viewpoints. To inform, engage, educate and entertain you while constantly capitalising on an evolving design and emerging storytelling formats on both print and digital platforms. To keep serving you with courage and care.

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