Iran's 3-D carpets floor DSF visitors

DUBAI - Visitors to the Carpet Oasis at Airport Expo in Dubai have been feasting their eyes on the most extrordinary designs, colours and pedigree of carpets and rugs, some of which date back to the 19th and early 20th century.

By Meraj Rizvi

Published: Sat 8 Feb 2003, 2:24 AM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:24 PM

A distinguished collection in wool and silk, the handmade carpets from Afghanistan, Iran, China, Turkey, India and Pakistan are currently on display, offering a glimpse of the rich history of carpet-making. Each piece, from the wide range of over 100,000 handmade carpets and rugs on display, depict a unique character of cultures and traditions of their respective countries.

However, what captivates the eye this year in the huge exhibition hall full of intricate designs, colours and patterns, is the latest three-dimensional carpets by the well-known Haghighi family in Isfahan, Iran.

Ismail Abdulla of Top Carpet, exhibiting his outstanding but small collection of three-dimensional carpets, said, each piece completed over the years is priceless. "The three-dimensional carpet is the latest technique, and the skill is the monopoly of only one - the Haghighi family in Iran."

The Haghighi family of seven brothers has mastered the skills over the last 25 years, and most of the pieces have either become the pride of royal palaces or museum walls. "We are currently exhibiting only a few pieces, each unique in its own right.

There is one which shows the beautiful Shah Abbas Mosque in Isfahan, and carries a price tag of Dh220,000. Another piece which depicts the Imam Raza Mosque in Mashad, also costs Dh220,000, but the most stunning piece is the carpet with a three-dimensional picture of Khaje Nasia Almoulk Mosque and is priceless," said Mr Abdulla, pointing out that there are a lot of takers for the carpet, but the highest bidder will walk away with this priceless piece on the last day.

The picture, woven in silk and pure wool, using 700 different shades of natural colours, took three years to complete. The 103 cmsx149 cms carpet has been designed by Feizollah Haghighi and woven by three female weavers.

It gives a magical feel and a depth, and took some 14 years to create the right shades from vegetables and fruits, disclosed the proud owner.

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