'iPhone 8' to come in three colours and... short supply

iPhone 8 to come in three colours and... short supply
Could the 'iPhone 8' be actually called 'iPhone Pro'?

Dubai - 'Fast charging' support to come, though compatible charger may be sold separately

By Alvin R. Cabral

Published: Wed 9 Aug 2017, 10:45 AM

Last updated: Wed 9 Aug 2017, 9:24 PM

I told you we're far from over in the 'iPhone 8' saga.
This time around, we have a lot of news, which we'll leave up to you to consider if they're good or bad.
First: apparently, the iPhone 8 - rumoured to be called the 'iPhone Pro' - will come in three colours: black, silver and gold, according to whom I refer to as Tipstus Maximus, KGI securities analyst and reputable Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo.
His note was seen by AppleInsider, which details some other interesting stuff. For now, fans of the rose gold variant can start their protests. But honestly, we can't rule out Apple giving us a special-edition iPhone 8 in that colour, akin to the Product(RED) one.
Now, for the what we can consider as 'bad' news: Kuo also detailed that while the iPhone 8 will indeed be introduced in September, it will come in short supply; only two to four million units are expected to be assembled this quarter, though between 45 million to 50 million will be manufactured in 2017.
Looks like it'll be wilder than this in Dubai.
This could be related to Apple's inability to perfect the Touch ID underneath the iPhone 8's screen, but we can't know for sure.
Furthermore, Kuo says that the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will also be launched on the same day as the iPhone 8, and he sees production of between 35 million to 38 million units for the former and between 18 million to 20 million units for the latter. Both are, apparently, already in mass production.
And with the earlier report that an iPhone 7s was spotted with a rear glass casing, Kuo added that all new iPhones will support 'fast charging'. However, the compatible charger is likely to be sold separately (awww... remember the Lightning-to-3.5mm audio jack adapter?)
Oh, the excruciating wait.
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