Indian sailor’s body will be flown to Delhi today

DUBAI — The trauma finally ended for Subodh Tewari's family yesterday.

By Riyasbabu

Published: Tue 15 Aug 2006, 10:08 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:10 PM

Subodh, an Indian sailor had died recently on board the M.V. Bahadur 101 sailing off the coast of Dubai and his body will finally be flown from Teheran to New Delhi today.

The Dubai-based Al Hamid Siddique Shipping Company, where Subodh worked, had wrongly repatriated the body of an unidentified African woman to Subodh's family on August 8.

A shipping company source in Teheran said yesterday all arrangements have been made for the repatriation of Subodh's body.

"All legal procedures to repatriate the body have been completed and it is expected that it will be flown back to New Delhi on Tuesday morning” She also confirmed that the body of the African woman, mistakenly sent in place of Subodh's body, had arrived back in Tehran on Sunday evening. "We traced Subodh's body lying in a hospital in Teheran where it was embalmed. We are still unaware about the identity of the African woman. The Indian missions extended all the assistance to the company in completing the repatriation process," said the source. However, the source declined to comment how the body of the unidentified woman was sent to Subodh's family in the first place.

Meanwhile, speaking over the telephone from India Subodh's brother, Sivanand Tivari, said, "We are eagerly waiting for his body. But we still have no idea when it would arrive in New Delhi. We have contacted various officials and also the company's officials, but none could give us any specific information.”

Subodh Tiwari, who hailed from Deoria district in Uttar Pradesh, had died 22 days ago on board his vessel after he fell from its upper deck.

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