Gang held for stealing cars by giving dud cheques

DUBAI — The Dubai Police have arrested a gang comprising AGCC nationals and Arabs who specialise in car theft by cheating people and issuing them checques.


Amira Agarib

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Published: Sun 18 Apr 2010, 11:37 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 10:52 AM

Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of General Department of Criminal Investigation warned the public from accepting cheques from strangers who express their desire to purchase their cars .

He said that the police received a number of complaints from victims. One of the gang members would call up those who advertise in newspapers about wanting to sell their cars. Later, he would agree to purchase it.

Another gang member would complete the transfer of car registration number and a third person will issue a dud cheque to the car owner who would discoer only later about the fraud. By that time, the gang members would have disappeared.

Al Mansouri said that the gang members use this modus operandi when sellers are driven to making the deal as they are set to travel or change car models.

The gang members targeted people who put up advertisements to sell their luxury cars. Brigadier Khalil AL Mansouri called cars owners to get their money in cash while doing the registration. Major Ahmed AL Merri said that six people living in Dubai have been cheated by the gang. The last complaint was lodged by a European who refused to take the cheque after the transfer of the car registration.

The police then set a trap. An undercover police officer put up an advertisement and agreed with the prospective client to sell his car.

He said that when raiding the flat of the six gang members, police found the cheques books and the papers of the cars that belong to people who have lodged complaints.

He said that the European was saved, because he offered to sell his car against Dh120,000 while the man trying to buy it offered him Dh170,000.

He said that the gang members have used stamps of companies operating in field of public transport to complete car export produeres.

And, they used to send the car to the AGCC country where their leader lives, or used to sell it to another person and get cash for it. He said the miscreants would wear expensive clothes, renting luxury cars and would agree to buy the vehicles without bargaining in order to convince the seller to accept the cheques.

He called in public in Dubai and other emirates if they have been victimised by gang and also urged resident to be careful and not accept cheque and call the police if they suspect any one. They should receive the money in cash before realizing the car registration

He said that the police are coordinating with an AGCC country to arrest the gang leader who is still there.

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