Fines if heavy vehicles crowd gas stations

SHARJAH - The Sharjah Police on Thursday said they would fine the drivers of heavy trucks, buses and pick-ups who line up before petrol stations everyday for long hours waiting to fill diesel causing traffic congestion and inconvenience to local residents.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Sat 2 Aug 2008, 1:58 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 4:59 PM

The petrol stations are allowed to fill diesel in heavy vehicles from 11pm. However, the drivers form queues of vehicles from the early hours before the stations.

The police said the erring drivers would be fined heavily from Saturday.

They said this practice has been noticed in the last two months. These long queues of vehicles disrupt traffic flow and cause problems for other motorists.

The local residents have also complained these drivers are disturbing them and violating their privacy as the heavy vehicles are parked in front of their villas and houses blocking the way.

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