FAQs on new visa rule and answers

DUBAI - Lieutenant-Colonel Youssef Al Marri, Assistant Director for the Entry Permit and Residency Sector, responds to queries raised by the public about the new visa regulations.

By Mary Nammour And Zoe Sinclair

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Published: Fri 1 Aug 2008, 1:34 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:20 PM

Q. Can someone apply for a tourist visa by himself or does he have to go through a licensed tourism agency?

A. People abroad can come to the UAE on a visit visa under the sponsorship of their relatives or a company. However, any person wishing to come for sightseeing and for tourism purposes must apply for the entry permit through a tourism company.

Q. What happens for visitors in the interim period? Will the visa still be valid? Will the DNRD require insurance or a deposit?

A. If a person applied and received a visit visa on July 28 (that is before the new visa rule came into effect) and he entered the UAE after July 29 (the starting date of the implementation of the new rule), he won't need any insurance or deposit. He will be treated according to the old rule because his visa was issued under the rule then.

Q. Can I apply for insurance cover in my home country? Does it need to be UAE approved?

A. People can apply for insurance cover back home provided the medical insurance policy is valid internationally.

Q. Can I apply for insurance upon arrival at the airport?

A. No. One cannot apply for medical insurance at the Dubai International Airport for the simple reason that the insurance service is not provided or available at the airport.

Q. Is it true that the DNRD might be willing to waive the deposit condition on some nationalities? If yes, which are the nationalities?

A. According to the ministerial visa rule, the Minister of Interior or the empowered official has the right to take a decision on waiving the deposit condition on some nationalities. No specifications in this regard.

Q. Is the compulsory condition of insurance and deposit applicable to the nationalities of the 34 countries?

A. No. The people of 34 nationalities do not need to pay a deposit upon arrival at the airport as they can instantly get the entry permit. Mostly, these people are already medically insured.

Q. Where can I get more information?

A. DNRD has formed a team assigned with answering the enquiries of the people. Besides, a space will be shortly allocated on the DNRD's web site to respond to the questions on the new rule.



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