Eid is all about spending time together

Eid is all about spending time together

Residents find time to celebrate Eid Al Fitr with friends and family.


Olivia Olarte-Ulherr

Published: Thu 31 Jul 2014, 12:27 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 6:57 AM

A group of male youngsters were milling about and being boisterous at the deserted hallways of one of the capital’s malls. It was late morning on Tuesday and only few individuals were out and about.

People enjoying their time at the the Jumeirah Open Beach in Dubai on Tuesday. - KT photo by Dhes Handumon

“This is my time with friends. Whole day yesterday, I spent Eid with my family and now I can also celebrate with some of my friends,” said 17-year-old Abdulla who looked thrilled to be out with other boys his age.

“We are just waiting for the (weather) to cool down, then we will go to Abu Dhabi to meet other friends and sit down in the coffee shop and maybe in the night we will just drive around,” Mustafa interjected. On the other side of town, Jamila Abdul Razak was busy preparing meals for her guests in the evening.

“My friends and their family are coming over for dinner. Last night, we had my husband’s family visit from Ras Al Khaimah and they left only today. We don’t have much leave from work, only two days, and we also want to celebrate Eid with our friends,” explained Jamila who was busy marinating a chicken.

Downtown, men in their Eid’s best gathered under palm trees, sitting on sparse greens by the main roads and taking each other’s pictures with their mobiles.

Abdulla Mustafa said he will send the pictures to his family in Pakistan. “I want to be with them this Eid but I have to work. There is little much we can do here because we have to save. But when we have break like this or we have off, it’s always good to have friends here from my company, I don’t feel much lonely especially on this occasion,” said the construction worker.

By late afternoon, a number of the residents started emerging from their homes to find a good spot for their barbecue at the park. “It is still a bit hot, but it’s good that we have a little (breeze),” said Maila Martinez who was waiting for friends to join her at Khalifa Park.

“Eid celebration is not just for the Muslims, we also celebrate with others in our own way. We have some Muslim friends who are without their families here and they feel the same way we do at Christmas when we are far away from home. Tonight, we all share and celebrate with them,” said the Filipina nurse.

At the Corniche, Mohammed Abdulkarim brought his children for a bike ride. All three immediately took off, leaving their parents to enjoy some peace and quiet on their own.

“Eid is not about spending, although it is good when you have money to give something nice to your kids. But a simple act like this goes a long way in instilling good memories for them. What is important is being together as a family, and if you have good friends to share this wonderful occasion, this is another blessing,” said the IT manager.


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