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Dubai 30x30 Challenge: Don't let fitness bore you

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Dubai - Here are some offbeat exercises you can try to switch up your routines.

Published: Wed 23 Oct 2019, 11:08 PM

Last updated: Thu 24 Oct 2019, 1:11 AM

While running, CrossFit, and gym workouts may be the favourite fitness routine for many, it could get repetitive and monotonous after a while. But you can keep the excuses aside as Dubai's fitness landscape offers a wide variety of unique activities that can keep you moving.

Here are some offbeat exercises you can try to switch up your routines and keep you motivated for the 30x30 Dubai Fitness Challenge.
If you're a fan of Whack-A-Mole arcade games, then this one is for you.

"Despite only being 45 minutes per class, PRAMA can help you burn up to 1,000 calories with its high-intensity programme," said Ronald Ortega, PRAMA fitness instructor at Fairmont The Palm.

The hotel was the first to offer this fun, immersive circuit-style training.

"PRAMA basically incorporates music, lights, and sensors into the workout, making it an interactive, motivational, and immersive experience. Basically, it's a circuit training base where the markings on the floor indicate the intensity of the exercise," Ortega said.

A combination of numbers and lights on the wall and on the floor tells you the target you need to reach.

"You need to follow the lights and tap as fast as you can. It also improves your reflexes. It is a cross between arcade and playground games," added Ortega.

Launched in 2016, thousands of people have already signed up for PRAMA classes.

Get that adrenaline rush and do a thrilling parkour workout.

Parkour is an activity or a sport that gets you moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.

In Dubai, such exercises are offered at Gravity, Parkour Dubai, and Fit Inc.

Gravity Dubai is a friendly space that is dedicated to parkour and callisthenics training.

Parkour Dubai, on the other hand, teaches parkour to kids, adults, and seniors, allowing everyone to explore their environment through play.

They have a space filled with a wide variety obstacles, however, many of the group classes are practised outdoors, which is what parkour is about.
Moon Yoga
How would you like to do yoga under a moon-lit sky?

"It is an experiential event, so it helps reach many who would otherwise not be exposed to yoga," said Melanie Swan, a journalist and yoga practitioner who has been organising 'full-moon yoga' events every month on the beach at Fairmont The Palm for two years now.

Full-moon yoga practitioners believe the full moon has "very special healing properties" for the spiritual community.

"I always combine breathing exercises (pranayama) with a dynamic physical (asana) practice, a vinyasa flow, and finish with meditation at the end, so people feel the all-around effects of this diverse practice. The session is 90 minutes long and enables us to go deeper than a usual 60-minute class," Swan explained.

. Puppy Pilates: Where you can workout with your furry friends

. Hip Hop Cardio: Get your groove on as you burn calories

. Cardiolates: Add a twist to your cardio and pilates by doing it on a trampoline

. Swing yoga: Defy gravity and do yoga while you're hanging upside down in a fabric hammock

. Kangoo Jumps: Get on your boots and hop like a kangaroo


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