Doctor who tried to increase the height of youth suspended

Doctor who tried to increase the height of youth suspended

Hyderabad - The youth continues to suffer from pain post-surgery.


Published: Sat 5 Nov 2016, 1:39 PM

Last updated: Sun 6 Nov 2016, 7:40 AM

 The Telangana State Medical Council (TSMC) has suspended seven doctors, including an orthopedic surgeon who has operated upon a youth to increase his height, for their alleged unethical practices.
Cracking the whip on physicians for "unethical and faulty" medical practices, the Council's executive and general body meeting held on Friday passed resolutions unanimously against these doctors, suspending their licence for varying periods, TSMC Chairman E Ravindra Reddy said in a release.
Chandra Bhushan, orthopedic surgeon at city-based Global Hospital, was suspended for a period of two years for ethical infringement and for performing lengthening operation over a young person named Nikhil Reddy, it said.
The operation on Reddy created a controversy as it was performed allegedly without the consent of his parents. The youth continues to suffer from pain post-surgery.
The TSMC suspended another doctor named Namratha, who runs a test-tube centre here, for five years and also imposed a lifelong ban on performing surrogacy, it said.
The Council did not provide details of the case which invited disciplinary action against her.
Three other physicians - Rahul Carter, Harikumar Ravva and Minhaj Zafar Nasirabadi - were suspended for six months each for alleged unethical psychiatric practices, the release said.
Another one, T Manoj Kumar, was suspended for three months for allegedly performing indiscriminate appendicitis surgeries in Karimnagar. In the same case, seven other doctors were received a warning for their alleged unethical practices, it said.
One Krishna Kant Reddy was suspended for "non- compliance" of civic body orders of displaying MBBS equivalent degree. The suspension will last till he complies with the orders, the release said.
The names of two persons have been recommended to police to initiate legal action for practicing and dispensing allopathic drugs without any qualification, it added.  

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