Digital memory bank with a difference

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By Prashant Vadgaonkar (TECHTRONIKS)

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Published: Sat 22 Feb 2014, 9:32 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 10:18 PM

The latest range of smartphones which are equipped with high resolution cameras and high storage capacities have transformed all of us to photographers with decent photo-shooting abilities.

The ease of use of smartphone cameras have made us click snaps at the drop of a hat and share the pictures with our extended social network. The digital imprints thus captured are subsequently stowed away in often-forgotten photo galleries and are rarely accessed or remembered at a future date! But now, we have a cool app which not only stores your cherished moments but also helps jog your memory by pulling up the same magically at apt moments.

Imagine a real life scenario. You are out on a Desert Safari with your better half on your wedding anniversary; you capture pictures and post the same on Facebook. You may also use a “check-in” of the location using the popular app Foursquare. Now a couple of years down the line on the same day you are reminded about this incredible experience automatically! Wouldn’t that be cool and almost mysteriously wonderful and romantic?

A new iPhone app Memoir which is founded by a New York based company helps transform photos, the locations visited, and associated social media interactions into memories that can be relived when they’re most relevant and interesting! Co-founders of the Memoir app, Lee Hoffman and Angela Kim conceptualised the app which assists users jog their memories in great details without the need of skimming thru’ multiple photo galleries or storage devices and eliminates the efforts associated with the same. Memoir seamlessly syncs up and saves photos from the smartphone and notebooks in the cloud, classifies them neatly by date and extracts data from social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare to add in a flavour of social relevance. The app smartly examines data of your extended social network to verify if any of your network cronies were part of some prized moments, immaterial of whether they were tagged or not. Similarly, the app intelligently utilises the time stamp and location data to ascertain if say a Foursquare location “check-in” can be synced with say an Instagram image stored on the users’ smartphone. The app also helps mark old memories, include new ones by including quick notes, comments and other pointers.

Memoir, as the company boasts, helps you find memories and photos by people, places, dates, context and more, sans the need of tagging and the app magically fills in the missing blanks. The app which stows away all the users’ memories in personal private archives, searches and presents them no matter where they were initially created be it on your iPhone cameras, your iPAD, electronic cameras, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare or personal computers. The app thus presents a kind of digital diary of key events somewhat akin to the other popular app Timehop.

The start-up intends to extend the functionality to integrate data with a few more popular social networks and also progress to development of apps for the Android platform and Google Glass, in the immediate future. The app which is free for iPhone users promises them that “they will never lose their memory again”!

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