Defections expose false ideology of Muslim Brotherhood: Ex-member


Defections expose false ideology of Muslim Brotherhood: Ex-member

Abu Dhabi - He was the member of a secret cell that was asked to insult the UAE and its symbols on Twitter.

By Wam

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Published: Fri 21 Jun 2019, 10:51 PM

Last updated: Sat 22 Jun 2019, 12:56 AM

There is a growing number of defectors from the Muslim Brotherhood after the organisation's involvement in a major conspiracy to damage the stability of Arab communities, a former member has revealed.
Abdulrahman bin Subaih Al Suwaidi, who was convicted of being a member of the organisation and was pardoned by the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, disclosed that he was the member of a secret cell that was asked to insult the UAE and its symbols on Twitter.
In a televised interview broadcast on Friday, Al Suwaidi revealed that in 2012 and 2013, the organisation had directed its members in the UAE to encourage several Yemenis to insult the country and its symbols on Twitter.
He said that the Muslim Brotherhood gave them a list of Yemeni Twitter handles, whom he described as "mercenaries", and instructed them to provide money and new mobile phones. The directives of the organisation included following, supporting and re-tweeting insulting messages published by these users, despite their blatant insults to the country and its symbols.
On the reasons for the increasing number of defectors, Al Suwaidi noted that many of the organisation's members and sympathisers had reviewed their accounts, which revealed details of its conspiracies to destroy countries and threaten their stability. He said that the organisation demanded complete allegiance and absolute obedience from its members, and highlighted their betrayal to their nations and their effects on the region.
He then said that the UAE had made an important decision by designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a "terrorist organisation" and disrupting its sources of funding. He also acknowledged the good deeds of the country's leadership.
Al Suwaidi said that the worst part of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood was being completely isolated and controlled, without awareness of the truth and the goals of the organisation. He said that most of its members and sympathisers are not informed and are kept in the dark about its real agendas - which are limited to its leading members - and are extremely hostile towards countries and their national symbols.
He further added that most of the organisation's members are trapped in its periphery for many years and perform risky tasks after being brainwashed by religious ideas connected to reward. Al Suwaidi described these as "false illusions" and far from the truth, saying that members were kept in the dark with regards to the real policy and approach of the organisation. He then called on the UAE to intensify its efforts to counter and expose the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, he said, would encourage and guarantee more defections.
Al Suwaidi said that the organisation established a false ideology to gain popular support and sympathy, by launching projects that are allegedly charitable, such as building mosques and digging wells in carefully selected regions, with the aim of winning popular support in these areas and securing votes in political, parliamentary and union elections in these countries. The people affected most negatively are ordinary citizens who, unsuspecting, supported the organisation by donating to causes with catchy slogans, such as "Doing Good" and "Reward", he added.
Al Suwaidi said that the Muslim Brotherhood's desperate attempts had been rejected by the UAE people, this reflecting the awareness and maturity of the Emirati community, in light of the advanced living standards provided by the UAE to its people.
He said that he will continue to expose and unmask the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood. To achieve that end, he added, he had published his story with the organisation in a book, "Kabnjara", which means "take him to prison". He said that he will also continue to use social media to expose the organisation's conspiracies, as well as giving TV and newspaper interviews.

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