Celebrations to mark World Happiness Day in UAE today

DUBAI — Today 07-07-07, the UAE will, for the first time, join Singapore, India, Australia, Hungary, Colombia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain in celebrating Global Happiness Day, an occasion dedicated to the betterment of the planet, its people and its creatures.

By Reshmi Nair

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Published: Sat 7 Jul 2007, 8:55 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:01 AM

Coinciding with Live Earth, a major worldwide event bringing two billion people together to raise awareness about the global climate crisis, KK Saratchandra Bose, organiser of the Global Happiness Day in Dubai, explains that the date was chosen by Shelley Sykes, an internationally-renowned speaker on happiness from Australia, due to its ‘auspicious’ nature.

“The multiple sevens in the date is not a coincidence. We consider it significant because it occurs once in 70 years. We also support Live Earth as it brings people together for a noble cause. However, our event focuses exclusively on happiness. Happiness is a state of mind that absolutely anyone is entitled to feel.”

Bose was appointed by Sykes as the Happiness Ambassador and organiser of the Global Happiness Day Celebrations in Dubai, in association with the 2b1 Charity, an organisation that helps individuals make a difference to others or have an effect on the environment.

Bose is also a member of the XL Results Foundation (XL), a group initially founded to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship and effective giving in Asia Pacific, but has recently expanded to parts of Europe and the Middle East.

He describes his decision to organise the event as a natural progression from his affiliation with XL, a sentiment echoed by Gaby Barton, a fellow member, who also describes the importance of happiness in our lives.

“In XL, we are committed to contributing towards one another’s entrepreneurial success and I feel it is just as important to spread happiness. While happiness is so natural, most of us hardly experience it because we’re too pre-occupied with our daily routines and problems to let ourselves be happy. It is important to shift our mind to stop focusing on those problems and instead concentrate on our privileges.”

The business development manager describes how writing therapy is her choice solution. “On a regular basis, I sit down and write everything I should be thankful for. Once I see it in writing, my thoughts easily materialise and I feel a lot better about myself. Anyone can do it and it’s very effective. In the end, when we are in a good mood, we connect with others and share easily. Happiness opens up the world to us.”

Similarly, Madan Menon, CEO of MediaOne, a marketing communications agency, will be participating in the Global Happiness Day and spoke enthusiastically about the benefits of a life filled with happiness. “Unhappiness is a mere belief as human beings are very good at adapting to almost any situation. A lot of people dislike change, but once they get used to it, they will be happy.”

“I believe in the power of breathing and use a simple exercise whenever I feel most upset. I find a quiet place, sit idly, focus on my body and breathing rhythms and think of the happiest moment in my life and it instantly makes me smile.”

At his workplace, Menon organises weekly get-togethers with his staff members at a hotel to promote a happy working environment and attract positive energy.

“The act of providing abundance of love is true human behaviour,” he says.

Bose has booked the Dhow Palace Hotel, Mankhool, Bur Dubai as the event venue, with festivities commencing from 7.00pm. He expects a multinational attendance of 200-250 people.

He describes it as an “evening full of inspirations, plenty of excellent food and drinks, music and dancing” and there will not be an entry fee for the guests. Call 050-6245087 for bookings.

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