Builders told to stick to fencing rules for sites

Builders told to stick to fencing rules for sites

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has advised all contracting firms in the Capital to adhere to the highest safety measures when erecting temporary fences around construction sites.

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Published: Thu 23 Dec 2010, 7:59 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 1:58 PM

All fencing around worksites must be in accordance with the Building Code provisions and safety rules and regulations to avoid legal action, the Municipality said.

The department looking after the safety rules at worksites on Wednesday issued a circular to all contracting companies undertaking projects in the Capital. In his circular, Acting Executive Director of Town Planning Sector at the department, Salah Awadh Al Sarraj advised that any firm planning to erect fences around their worksites must get special permits as per the law and “comply with all precautionary measures required for protecting pedestrians, properties and surrounding buildings against the risks of falling debris, building materials or equipment, and adhering to the conditions and regulations of health, safety and environment”.

Al Sarraj also stressed on the importance of complying with the conditions, quality of materials, and the level of workmanship as stated in the law.

“Due attention has to be given to safer and approved dimensions of fence layout. In particular, the fence panels have to be of iron sheets fixed on a steel frame mounted on unstable concrete bases and painted in light orange or another suitable colour approved by the municipality, while attending to periodic maintenance as appropriate,” he said.

“These measures translate the strategy of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City in maintaining the safety of the public, preserving properties, and providing top standards of security and safety at all construction sites,” Al Sarraj further added. According to safety stipulations, the space between the panels of the fence must not be more than 5cm; the structure must not rise over 20cm above the ground; the height of the fence must not be less than 2.5 metres; and the width of the entrance must not be more than 5 metres.

“Moreover, cautionary and guidance notices must be displayed at specific locations of the fence, and a plaque bearing the name of the project, contractor and consultant must be fixed thereabout,” the circular reads.

The circular also warns against storing construction materials, or setting up any movable or fixed structures over the utility lines or outside the boundaries of the fence.

It is also states the contractor should be fully responsible for maintaining the utility lines bordering the temporary fencing, provided that the contractor has to move the fence, if required by the Municipality or any service-providing department, within 24 hours of being informed. —

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