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DUBAI - Driving licence seekers in Dubai will soon be able to select a test date of their choice and book it online - that too within two weeks of completing the driving classes.

By Joy Sengupta

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Published: Tue 19 Aug 2008, 1:37 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 5:07 PM

The Licensing Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is studying the possibility of developing an electronic system under which a licence seeker with any institute in the emirate can book a test date online after completing the required number of driving classes.

The system, to be announced soon, was discussed at a recent meeting between the RTA and representatives of driving institutes in Dubai.

Currently, a learner who completes his driving lessons is given the final test date by the institute in coordination with the RTA. There have been many complaints that test dates are being allotted after a long gap during which many licence seekers tend to forget the lessons. The licence seekers have also expressed their concern over delays in conducting re-tests.

Ali Mohammed Al Jasim, Director of the Licensing Department, said recently that under the new system, two weeks after the completion of the driving classes is the cutoff period by which the test has to be conducted. Hence, the licence seeker has to book a date online within the two weeks of completion of the classes.

“The new system pays due attention to the size, intake, training sessions, starting date, training schedules and other technical matters in various institutes so as to ensure suitable appointments and the highest degree of transparency between institutes and their trainees. Details of the system are being worked out and will be announced soon,” Al Jasim said.

An official of the Galadari Driving Institute told Khaleej Times that the waiting period for the final road test now depends on the availability of dates. “Each day, an average of 190 learners from our institute go for their road tests. Normally, a candidate has to wait for 10 to 14 days or even more sometimes for their re-tests. We have not received any official information from the RTA regarding the online system as yet,” he said.

Test panel

Al Jasim also said that those who fail to clear the final road test five times will be referred to the test panel for assessment. “This will be carried out automatically without submitting a complaint by the trainee about the testing process,” he said.

Evaluation programme

During a recent meeting with the driving institutes, Ahmad Bahrouzian, CEO of the Licensing Agency, also discussed other issues including shortage of examiners, success rates of applicants, electronic systems, customer service, training locations, qualifying instructors, fees and revenues etc.

“We have decided on immediately increasing the number of driving tests per day. We will soon start holding driving tests after official working hours and also on Saturdays. The number of examiners will be increased. The Licensing Agency will prepare an evaluation programme for the institutes, covering matters like the premises, services provided, quality of training modules and training vehicles, tests, success rates and other points involved in assessment,” he said.

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