An adult takes revenge on two 8-year-olds!

SHARJAH — In a serious incident, never before witnessed or heard of in schools countrywide, the parent of a student at a private school in Sharjah beat up two other students of not more than 8-years-old for entering into an argument with his son over a children’s game.

By Mohsen Rashid

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Published: Wed 15 Jun 2005, 11:17 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 8:00 PM

The father of the student, identified as Ahmed N, severely beat up the two students with his head cord. Even their screams and cries for help did not stop him from ‘punishing’ them, though they tried to run and hide from him in a classroom of the school. The ‘punishment’ meted, the man left the school along with his son, as if nothing had happened.

Neither of the parents of the two victims, who came to pick up their children after school, could come to believe that something like this could have happened in a school, any school. Not even the teachers, and the administrators, of the school, for that matter.

The sorry details of the story as narrated by a parent of one of the victims, and both the victims are as follows... “I went to the school as usual to pick up my children. It was a Saturday and there was an exam that day. The time was around 3.30pm, and I was waiting in my car when I spotted one of my daughters racing towards me. She was in a state of panic, and scared. She told me a man was beating up her brother, my son Humaid. By the time I could get out and get inside the man had disappeared with his son. I found people from the school management attending to my son and his school-mate. They were both given first aid — ice cubes and bandages. The beating had left clear marks on their little bodies,” said Humaid’s mother.

The two children were scared, but willing to speak out. They spoke of a ‘nasty man’ and how it had all started. The three boys — Salim A, Humaid A. and Abdullah — got into a discussion over the “Sony Playstation”, and the discussion deteriorated into an argument about the same time Abdullah’s father Ahmed N., made an entry. By then, allegedly, Abdullah had already punched the two other kids in their faces for the slight done to him. The Abdullah saw his father, and quickly ran to him to complain. Ahmed N., allegedly didn’t wait to ask for explanations from Humaid and Salim. He took off his head cord and allegedly gave the thrashing of their young lives to the the two kids, both of them younger to his son.

The school administration tried to contact Abdullah’s parent but their telephone calls to his went unanswered. , but the latter ignored the telephone calls. But after a while, he called up the school but when told the reason for the call denied outright that he had beaten up the two boys. He said that he had just tried to scare them,, and break up the wrangle.

To top it, he allegedly refused to even apologise. His attitude angered the parents of the two students, who reported the matter to Al Gharb Police in Sharjah, asking that their two children be subjected to a medical check-up. The medical examination proved that the two students were beaten up. The results of the investigation, however, still awaited.

Jamal H., principal of the school, confirmed the incident. The principal said that Abdullah had been dismissed two weeks ago, and that the management had allowed him to enter the school only to appear for the exam lest he lose a year.

The principal said the dismissed student was a troublemaker, that his work performance was poor and that he was older than the two students who were beaten up. The principal said that Abdullah was overage for his class because he had failed several times, and that his father had agreed to transfer him to another school.

Samiya Sobeah, Head of the Private Education Section in Sharjah Educational Zone, said that she has asked the school management to submit a report on the incident, and also for an apology from the parent of the student so as to solve the problem in an amicable manner. That, or the matter would be referred to the Legal Affairs Department in the Ministry of Education for further investigation and action.

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