Amity University Dubai: Get future-ready with engaging courses

The Amity University Dubai campus was designed to inspire students to become future innovators
The Amity University Dubai campus was designed to inspire students to become future innovators

Amity University Dubai adds animation and mechatronics to list of undergraduate programmes

Published: Sun 19 Jul 2020, 4:34 PM

Last updated: Sun 19 Jul 2020, 6:36 PM

Higher education institutes are always looking to create impactful student experiences and build environments that will inspire students. In the UAE, students are exposed to diverse cultures and backgrounds, while also getting the opportunity to choose between a range of topical programmes.

Amity University Dubai's state-of-the-art 700,000 square foot campus is home to students from over 59 nationalities, and offer 46 graduate, post graduate, diploma and PhD programmes in a range of areas including aerospace engineering, solar and alternate energy, psychology, forensic sciences, architecture, law, tourism and more. Earlier this year, the University introduced one-year diploma programmes that cover new and emerging areas of study such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, data sciences and block chain.

The latest addition to their curriculum is the launch of two new undergraduate programmes in animation and mechatronics. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that integrates several types of engineering - mechanical, electronics and computer science. It is essential to discovering electronic intelligent systems for automation and manufacturing. Whether it is design, testing or production, Amity University Dubai's four-year Bachelor of Technology in Mechatronics programme includes the study of various aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering. 

The University's Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation programme, will see students learn and practice the various roles that go into the art production process of animation. The curriculum follows international industry standards and focuses on developing a student's core artistic skills and technical capabilities.

Education is key to building a self-sufficient knowledge economy. It continues to be a focus area that is regularly monitored by the UAE government, ensuring that the best facilities and highest standards of education are provided to students. During this period of remote learning, Amity University Dubai has successfully carried out virtual placement exercises, online competitions, conferences, career fairs, contests, webinars, lab sessions and more. Being part of a large global education group, has contributed to the exchange of ideas and enhanced the digital delivery experience. From Nobel laureates, supreme court judges, scientists and motivational speakers to media consultants, travel photographers and film directors, students have access to a range of live lectures and workshops.

The Amity University Dubai campus was designed to inspire students to become future innovators, with student and faculty initiatives and ideas incorporated into the university model. Photovoltaic solar panels were installed on the university grounds and rooftop, with a goal to become a completely solar powered campus over the next few years. Building a University garden was another step in the direction to becoming a self-sufficient and sustainable campus. The University garden is home to a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs that students and staff have access to. It is also being used to conduct studies on some of the effective ways to plant and maintain produce.

The University farm is home to a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs that students and staff have access to. The space is also being used to conduct several research projects. The study of nanoparticles and their contribution to plant growth, the use of solar based portable spraying machines, the efficiency of different types of waste and developing organic fertilisers, are just some of the activities initiated by the University's faculty.

From the successful launch of several student start-ups driven through their Incubation Centre to the construction of a one-of-its-kind Satellite Ground Station for Aerospace Engineering students, Amity University Dubai continue to develop new and innovative ways to impart knowledge and prepare students for future industries.

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