Amateur musical tribute hits Internet

DUBAI - Celebrating UAE’s 40-year journey, Dubai resident Anil Matthew compiled an original music video that has already racked up dozens of views from Youtube users the world over.

By Praseeda Nair

Published: Tue 29 Nov 2011, 12:16 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 10:40 AM

Using default video editing software on his Mac computer, Anil made the seven-minute tribute over the weekend, with original scores and photographs sourced online and taken over the past year from his journey on the Metro.

The catchy musical score, put together with Logic Pro 8 software, reflects the marriage of traditional and modern styles, symbolic of the country’s cultural melee. “I have been writing (the score for the video) over a period of approximately eight months. I composed the melody and lyrics myself as a genuine expression of gratitude to the country and its rulers who made countless dreams come true,” Anil told Khaleej Times. Anil, who runs his own corporate identity firm, has dabbled in music for years, being a prominent member of Dubai Singers, and singing first bass for Dubai Chamber Choir.

After 14 years of living in the UAE, Anil decided to express his sense of loyalty to the nation, where he spent the majority of his adult life, through music. “I got the idea at a time when a lot of people were being extremely negative about the UAE.

I really thought that was not very fair as the UAE was instrumental in helping a lot of the expatriates achieve their goals and dreams. I hope to inspire a sense of hope and positivity through my video. I want people to look beyond today and deep into tomorrow. I have hope that the UAE will turn the corner and that is why my video signs off with ‘the best is yet to come’,” he added.The last visual on the video is also that of thoroughbred race horses racing forward, which Anil chose as the most apt imagery to subtly underscore Shaikh Mohammed’s statement, “In the race to excellence, there is no finishing line.”

The video went live on Saturday night and has already gained popularity in countries as far as Sweden. Titled ‘God Bless UAE,’ the video can be found on Youtube through a quick keyword search.

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