89 medical negligence cases reported in 2006

DUBAI — Thirty-eight complaints of alleged medical negligence and mismanagement were formally registered against the Department of Health and Medical Services (Dohms) in 2006, while 51 were reported against different hospitals in the private sector during the same period, according to report issued by the department yesterday.


Asma Ali Zain

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Published: Thu 11 Oct 2007, 8:50 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 4:47 AM

According to the Clinical Governance Office Annual Medical Complaints Report 2006, out of the reported cases, 12 were proven in complaints involving Dohms while 20 were proven in complaints involving the private sector.

As per the Dohms cases, 16 were reported against Dubai Hospital, 11 against Rashid Hospital, 10 against Al Wasl Hospital and one against Al Badaa Healthcare Centre. All complaints against Dohms in 2006 were investigated and completed.

The report also details the outcomes and actions taken on complaints against Dohms and the private sector. The report says that warning letters were issued to the concerned to rectify the errors involved while private licenses were revoked and negligent doctors terminated from employment.

It also said that patients were sent abroad for further treatment from Dohms and private sector facilities were instructed to reimburse patients for faulty treatment.

The report, however, failed to mention the number and the kind of action taken against the medical staff involved. When contacted, the officials were unable to provide further details.

The report says that 13 cases in Dohms hospitals were due to poor documentation in medical records, 14 were due to poor communication and explanation to patients as well as poor consent taking, one case each was due to unsatisfactory patient monitoring in ambulance and lack of dialysis service.

In the private sector, 14 cases were due to poor documentation of medical records, 12 were due to poor communication and one was because the hospital was unaware of referral policies.

The report also said that three per cent (1) complaints that related to Dohms had proven negligence and 16 per cent (6) complaints had proven mismanagement, and 13 per cent (5) had both proven negligence and mismanagement.

In the private sector, the highest number of complaints were received against Welcare Hospital (five), followed by American Hospital (four). Three complaints each were received against Al Sohool Orthodontic and Dental Centre, Belhoul Speciality Hospital and International Medical Centre. Two complaints each were received against Iranian Hospital and New Medical Centre.

One complaint each was received against 29 other private hospitals and centres in the emirate.

Out of the complaints received, four per cent (2) were proven due to negligence, 14 per cent (7) were proven due to mismanagement, while 22 per cent (11) were proven due to both negligence and mismanagement.

The time taken to investigate medical complaints varied from one month to 10 months. The reasons for delay in the final report from the investigation committee were numerous, including lack of documentation and expertise. Dr Essa Kazim, director general, Medical Affairs at Dohms, said that the main purpose of the Medical Complaints Unit in Dohms was to protect patient rights and improve the quality of care provision.

“The processing of medical complaints is uniform for both the public and private sectors, as is the procedure for managing the outcomes of investigations,” he said. Complaints are received through the Customer Care Unit for complaints against Dohms or through Licensing and Specification Department for those against the private sector.

Alternatively a complaint can also be lodged online.

He also said that medical complaints are dealt locally when they are received in the facility and all attempts are made at local resolution; however if this is not achieved and the complainant is not satisfied, then it is referred centrally.

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