Watch: Desperate mother throws children from burning building in terrifying bid to save them

One woman died, and 43 others were injured as a blaze enveloped the apartment building in the Alatau district in Kazakhstan

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Published: Wed 2 Aug 2023, 10:55 AM

A fire broke out in a 16-storey residential building in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Tuesday, August 1. Reports referring to the city healthcare department said a woman died, and 43 people were injured as a blaze enveloped the apartment building in the Akkent residential complex, Alatau district.

The fire broke out on the fifth floor and it quickly escalated, transforming the 16-story building into a towering inferno, ultimately leading to the rapid evacuation of approximately 300 residents.

A heart-wrenching video has emerged on social media, capturing desperate residents resorting to extreme measures and jumping from windows in an attempt to escape the blaze. Among those trapped in the inferno was a brave and desperate mother, accompanied by her children, who found themselves trapped on the fifth floor.

In the video, the mother, with no other viable options, bravely throws each of her children out of the window, one by one. After ensuring her children's safety, the mother takes the courageous plunge.

Amid the terrifying situation, neighbours and passers-by rallied together to help the residents trying to escape the blazing inferno. They gathered whatever materials they could find, such as blankets and mattresses, and positioned them below the windows to create a makeshift safety net and catch those jumping from the windows.

Watch the harrowing video below:

According to 23 emergency teams, comprising five intensive care teams, immediately arrived at the scene of the incident. Among those affected, four children required urgent attention and were rushed to the intensive care units. Fortunately, their conditions are being closely monitored by the dedicated medical staff.

Twelve people were transported to various city hospitals, where they are receiving further treatment and care. Among them, five individuals were admitted in stable condition.

Emergency services released a statement after the incident: "On August 1, at 17:10, the forces of the Department of Emergency were sent to the Alatau district.

"Upon arrival, six minutes later, an apartment on the fifth floor of a 16-storey residential building was found to be burning with an open flame." They said it took around an hour and a half to extinguish the fire.


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