The code of conduct for entrepreneurs

The values you stand for will define how you will be perceived

By Konkana Bakshi

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Published: Thu 15 Apr 2021, 7:04 PM

Social situations related to business can be uneasy. And, sadly, many of us young entrepreneurs may risk our leadership image and credibility if we don’t understand that the rules of etiquette in business differ from other social environments.

Here are three ways every young entrepreneur can embrace etiquette, and get through several management challenges we all face daily.

1. Three core elements of etiquette in action

The invisible or committed foundations of etiquette are a part of being a successful leader and include the three core elements that can make or break the human alliance required to be an outstanding industry leader today. The three main examples of etiquette in action for business are integrity, dignity and humility. Every successful business entity possesses and develops them daily. One can become a magnet for all things good in their personal and professional lives when they have these three foundational traits.

2. Integrity, dignity and humility

Integrity is the quality of being honest. It’s a way of being, a way of thinking. A mindset that’s shaped early on and an important value that, when embraced at an early age, is vital to opening up to see how you can be honest and vulnerable, so your integrity shines through whereas humility can be an everyday asset. In business, a leader’s true power lies in how humble his overall conduct is and how he can be an authority on a subject but without commanding superiority. Finally, the most valuable asset of a human being is his/her dignity. It’s the idea of feeling worthy, the way we conduct ourselves when we are vulnerable and lose or fail with grace. Grace and dignity will always make you a stronger leader.

3. The etiquette of being human

Etiquette is usually perceived as the proper way to hold dinner cutlery, to host afternoon tea, or to greet a dignitary. However, certain values far outrank the formality of any social protocol in any given situation. Etiquette is defined as the conduct of a person that is gracious or approved by our culture. In business, it means the daily protocol of leadership and how leaders are expected to behave and be recognised.

Hope this most concealed significance of etiquette helps you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Till next week #beextraordinary

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