Giggling Donkey Jill (10)

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Giggling Donkey Jill (10)

Published: Fri 24 Jun 2016, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 24 Jun 2016, 2:00 AM

A lot of you complain that we have way more math and science than good old lit and language. Hence, the puzzle that follows. It seems each set of the three words in the following list of 12 sets are connected in some way (via homophones, puns, synonyms, anagrams, association, etc) which can be summed up by a fourth word. The digit in ( ) signifies the number of letters in that word. For example, "Mallet Arches Ball (7)" results in CROQUET because mallets and balls are used in croquet and you knock the balls through arches. Or, "Fruit Killer Red (6)" which works out to TOMATO since tomato is a fruit, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is the title of a movie, and tomatoes are red. Easy-peasy, maybe, but give your reasoning too.
1. Sheet Thwart Sword (4); 2. Machine Space Clock (4); 3. Gift Now Give (7); 4. Drug Flower Religion (5); 5. Beast Black Skin (6); 6. Mirror Doppelganger Body (6); 7. Mouse Mantle Finn (6); 8. One Game Business (8); 9. Graphics Coffee Man (4); 10. Dragon Intercepting Bruce (3); 11. Gates Minute Brewery (5); 12. Wizard Magic Game (4).

(The caller says that the square of your six-digit telephone number is exactly one greater than twice the square of her six-digit number. Then she tells you to guess her number. - MS)
Morning-Calls Dept:
Phone number of the person who received the call is 665857, and that of the person who made the call is: 470832. Solved as follows: p*2 = 1 + 2(q*2). For large values of p and q, sqrt(2) would approximately equal p/q. From Wikipedia, got 665857/470832 as a fraction approximately equal to sqrt(2). It then turned out that the numbers 470832 and 665857 meet the original requirement.
- K Sathyadev,
(The other problem was: "In all, 25 of the 26 letters of the alphabet are used while naming the atomic symbols for all the elements. So what's the only letter that's not used?" - MS)
No-Jay-Walking Dept:
The letter J is the only letter that doesn't appear on the periodic table/names of elements. It may appear in the name of the new elements. The letter Q also doesn't appear on permanent names of elements and appears on temporary names. Hope this is right.
- Arya Manoj,
In the past, most elements were derived from their Greek or Latin names. However, neither Greek nor Latin possessed the letter J, which is why it is the only letter missing in our periodic table today.
- Vivan Mishra,
J is the only letter not used in naming the atomic symbol of an element. But who knows what might happen in the future.
- Saurabh Sunil,
(Among the first five who also got it correct are: Leena Nancy Melvin,; Mugdha Patkar,; R Abirami Sundari,; Niraj Nandish,; Aaraadhye K N,
(The third one was: "Everyone knows the reason the mercury doesn't fall back in a clinical thermometer after you've taken your temperature is because of the constriction in the tube. So how come it passes through it in the first place?" - MS)
Mercury-Rising Dept:
After rising, due to obstruction by the constriction, the mercury cannot easily move back into the bulb. Swinging the thermometer gives the mercury in the capillary tube enough centrifugal force to pass back through the constriction into the bulb.
- Surya Narayanan Krishna Moorthy,
1. A cellphone is bought and you start adding contacts and installing apps. Does the weight of the phone increase?
- (Submitted by Girish Kumar Kumar,
 2. Fill in the blank with the suitable number in words: "This sentence has _____ letters."
- (Submitted by Sheikh Sintha Mathar,

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By Mukul Sharma

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