Friday night sushi brunch? Yes, please

Friday night sushi brunch? Yes, please

Modern Japanese restaurant Sho Cho recently launched the concept and it is an extravagant affair indeed

While most people I know adore Japanese cuisine, they're not exactly keen on shelling out as much as Dh100 on tiny-looking rolls. Well, brunch, and, by association, dinner 'brunch' (still inclined to call it drunch) is the perfect solution. I can't think of anything better than having all-you-can-eat sushi and being able to sample all the restaurant's favourites in one go.
Well, if you're trying out Sho Cho for the first time, you'll note there are other advantages as well. Located within the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, the restaurant has a great vibe and even better views. We opted for the outdoor deck and were rewarded with sea views to the side while the Burj Khalifa towered brilliantly in the distance. Coupled with the DJ's energetic beats, it has all the makings of a great hangout. 
I wasn't sure what to expect from their set menu, but our table got very heavy very fast. Edamame, Prawn Spring Rolls, Vegetable Gyoza, Ceviche, Seared Salmon, Seaweed Salad...these were just some of the appetisers. The food is clearly tweaked for international tastes and it works. Starters were followed by two tempura dishes and a Sushi & Maki platter. By the time they brought our mains out, we were stuffed to the brim - but there's no such thing as too much sushi, is there?
My plus one, who has visited Japan numerous times, pointed out that the food isn't authentic but more of a fusion variety - and that works well in a multicultural city like Dubai. Some of our favourites were the Gyoza (dumplings), Tempura and Beef in Teriyaki sauce.
Make the most of the last few days of good weather by choosing the outdoor deck - beach and Burj Khalifa views await. The place has an incredibly lively vibe that we enjoyed. Coupled with the DJ and neon lights, Sho Cho looks very swanky indeed.  
The service was impeccable with waiters bringing food and clearing plates without one even having to lift a finger. With it being a brunch, glasses were also constantly being refilled without us having to hail waiters. So, no complaints in this department.  
The lighting is dim and that makes it just a tad difficult to study the presentation. But what we saw, we liked. Everything from the sushi to the maki rolls to the mains (Beef in Teriyaki sauce for me, Lobster in Yellow Chilli sauce for him) were well-plated. 
Dinner brunch packages start at Dh165 (with soft drinks) and Dh250 for (house beverages) and that is a steal indeed - especially for quality sushi. Sho Cho also offers a Monday night buffet and its deals are definitely worth checking out. 

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