On World EV Day, Khaleej Times Meets With Al-Futtaim Automotive To Understand Their Electric Mission

Al-Futtaim Automotive Leads The UAE’s Sustainable Mobility Movement

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Neeraj Murali

Published: Sat 9 Sep 2023, 5:59 PM

Last updated: Sat 9 Sep 2023, 6:29 PM

The company’s unwavering dedication to green mobility is evident through its extensive efforts, products and innovative solutions

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and environmental consciousness, the UAE is at the forefront of developing its e-mobility sector, while being firmly committed to creating a model green economy through its Net Zero 2050 Strategic Initiative. The recent launch of Global EV Market, an ambitious national programme to turn the UAE into a global market for electric vehicles, also underpins the country’s aim to increase the share of EVs to 50 per cent of total vehicles by 2050.

Al-Futtaim Automotive stands as a shining example of a forward-thinking company committed to shaping the EV landscape in the UAE. The company’s unwavering dedication to sustainable mobility is evident through its extensive efforts and innovative solutions.

A pioneer in sustainability mobility for years, Al-Futtaim Automotive fully embraces the UAE's vision of achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2050, and is leaving no stone unturned in its mission to build a comprehensive EV ecosystem in the UAE. The company understands that for EVs to truly flourish, the experience needs to be seamless.

The pioneering automotive group has already one of widest portfolio of hybrid and electric vehicles, from Toyota, Lexus, and Volvo. Now they are dedicated to making electric mobility simple, convenient, and hassle-free for everyone, from purchase to charging solution to maintenance.

Al-Futtaim has launched a dedicated business, the Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company to accelerate the development of this new green mobility industry in the UAE. They have an impressive repertoire of world-class EV brands, innovations, and end-to-end solutions to build and deliver this new customer-centric e-mobility ecosystem. Their portfolio includes the innovative, performance EV brand Polestar and also BYD, one of the world's top-selling EV brands. Recognising the importance of accessibility to charging stations, the company is investing in its own EV charging stations tailored specifically to the UAE market, Charge2Moov.

Al-Futtaim Automotive’s commitment to green mobility extends beyond cars. The company has also introduced the region's first heavy-duty electric truck from Volvo, addressing the need for sustainable transportation solutions in various sectors, including logistics and construction. Two major global companies are already onboard this green transportation with Unilever and DHL adding the Volvo electric truck to their fleet.

With a dedication to excellence, innovative solutions, and focus on the digital customer journey, Al-Futtaim Automotive's commitment to sustainable mobility and its comprehensive approach to EV adoption are driving positive change in the UAE's automotive landscape. The brand now is also venturing into the world of electric two-wheelers - River, diversifying the options for sustainable transportation and addressing the electrification need for the last-mile delivery sector.

On the occasion of World EV Day, Al-Futtaim Automotive has slated two new major announcements to rapidly accelerate the growth of the EV transition in the UAE.

The company is adding a new piece in its green mobility value chain by officially unveiling the region’s first-ever EV training centre, which has received the prestigious, sought-after accreditation in the automotive industry –IMI accreditation. This accreditation signifies their dedication to fostering aftersales technical expertise in the EV sector, a crucial element in driving the adoption of electric vehicles.

The second announcement is the launch of a new EV content platform with the aim to accelerate public awareness on electric mobility – EVLife.ae with Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company as its launch partner.

Knowing that 2/3rd of Google UAE requests about electric mobility are not brand-related, indicating that people in the UAE are still asking questions about the price, autonomy, safety, charging stations network, and more. Reason why Al-Futtaim Electric Mobility Company has taken the initiative to make sure customers in the UAE get access to right and reliable information to ensure wider and faster adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

In this ‘Year of Sustainability’ and with COP28 around the corner, the new announcements and the new EV ecosystem clearly reinforce Al-Futtaim Automotive’s commitment to mark a strong contribution to the UAE’s Net Zero agenda and make green mobility an everyday reality.

To get more updates on the electric mobility movement worldwide, visit EVLife.ae

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