Which is the perfect NOL card for you? Let RTA help

Which is the perfect NOL card for you? Let RTA help

Dubai - So... many... cards...

By Compiled by Keith Pereña

Published: Mon 29 May 2017, 1:53 PM

Last updated: Tue 30 May 2017, 9:39 AM

Many, and we mean many Dubai residents, tourists, and professionals take the Metro at any given moment. In fact, the Metro is part and parcel of modern life in Dubai as it connects major districts in the city. And with riding the Metro comes -- of course -- paying for it.
To the uninitiated, all Nol cards might look the same. But the RTA has tweeted out a kind reminder to residents about the various differences of every NOL card.
Want to know what's the best card for you? It depends really: some cards are geared for comfort, others offer extra layers of security, and some are for taking the Metro once.

If you need a quick crash course on the different benefits of  NOL cards, here they are.

Gold Card

No, you won't get a gold-plated chair. But you do get access to the Gold Class Cabin - think flying First Class, but in Metro form. And like First Class, you pay extra.

Silver Card

The 'regular' card for every Dubai resident.

Personal Card (Blue Card)

Want your name and photo on either Gold or Silver Card? This is the one. You can also recover your balance if in case you misplace your card. Neat.

Red Card

Despite sharing a name with a sports penalty, this card won't penalize your wallet since its extremely cheap. You can only use it once though.

Customised Card

Do you want a fancy photo on your card? Maybe you're bored of the regular colours above? If so, then the card for your need to be unique has arrived, for an additional Dh30.

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