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Sharjah - Located along the E88 Al Dhaid road, on the mouth of the University City, is Sharjah’s new futuristic library.


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Published: Thu 17 Dec 2020, 9:35 PM

If you thought reading was under threat at a time when gadgets rule the roost, then you clearly haven’t made your way into the brand-new House of Wisdom yet.

Located along the E88 Al Dhaid road, on the mouth of the University City, is Sharjah’s new futuristic library. And an institution of its kind already, as we found out during our visit last week when it was inaugurated by His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qassimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah.

The most striking feature about this destination is its ‘design of tomorrow’ that appears to as if tell the world, quite boldly, that only reading and reading alone is going to save the world. There are books alright, and over three million at that but makes it an out of the ordinary library is its concept.

There is a community space with a dedicated section for events and exhibitions which also offers young readers an opportunity to have their own play area, right opposite its own café from where the parents can keep an eye on their children.

Spread over an area of 12,000 sqm, the library is surrounded by vast green spaces and also has an open-air courtyard in the middle of the building, known as the Wisdom Square, where quite literally a few moments under the sun, gives you enough wisdom just soaking in the atmosphere.

Apart from allowing natural light to illuminate the surrounding halls, it offers a unique and a relaxing spot for a quick read there and in the neaby areas (watch our video!). Here one can easily answer their phone calls and even enjoy a good read in the comforting background noise of the fountains and birds chirping away. It is also ventilated quite well so the visitors will not have to break a sweat during the hot summer months either.


‘Espresso BookMachine’ that can print and bind books within five minutes. How it works is a marvel on its own.

This machine can print any book that is available on the website which boasts a huge collection of over 3 million books.

This instant printing service will come at a cost and it can be printed within a few minutes.

The machine operates at a temperature of 360 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows the printed pages to be then glued inside the machine, to produce the paperback copy. When you pick it up from the machine, it is not too hot to handle either, so you can read through it hot off the press.

This machine can also be appealing for aspiring writers who have written their own book and hold the rights to it as well, by simply sharing the PDF version of the transcript along with the design of the cover, with the operator. Within a few minutes the writer can look and feel their own first book. There will be a set charge for such a service which will soon be made available at the House of Wisdom.

Where to find it?

It is easy to spot the new library along the E88 Al Dhaid Road, thanks to the 36.5 metre high “The Scroll,” constructed to celebrate Sharjah’s label as the World Book Capital 2019.


>A machine that can print books on demand — in minutes!

>Outdoor space where you can enjoy a good read amid all the greenery

>More than 305,000 books to choose from

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