UAE: BEEAH leader encourages other Emirati women never to limit their ambitions

Hind Al Huwaidi started her career in the education programme when it was just in its early stages

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Nasreen Abdulla

Published: Sat 27 Aug 2022, 2:01 PM

Last updated: Sat 27 Aug 2022, 5:15 PM

As the daughter of a school principal and a major in the UAE military, determination and discipline were the twin pillars that Hind Al Huwaidi was brought up with. Encouraged to forge her own path, she channelled her interest in science into a lifetime passion for inculcating, incentivising and encouraging sustainable action in the country.

Growing up, Al Huwaidi always had an inclination for the sciences. "I particularly enjoyed Biology and Public Health," she said. This interest led her to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from the University of Sharjah.

She started her career at BEEAH in 2011 as an education officer, when the education program was still in its initial stages. As the education program became more varied and specialised, she grew in her career. In 2017, she went through the illustrious Sharjah Leadership Program, where she learned leadership principles and developed her skills as a mentor.

The education program was part of the BEEAH Environment Services function and as the scope of the programs grew, it eventually became its own vertical this year, and Al Huwaidi was appointed to the position of Managing Director.

She now wants to drive greater engagement to reach more schools and communities.

"Education is an extremely important factor in ensuring the future of sustainable practices," she said. "Through the Academy of Sustainability, we engage with thousands of students and teachers across hundreds of schools in the UAE to introduce an environmental curriculum based on the principles of sustainability."

She also wants to strengthen current partnerships, and forge new ones, under BEEAH Education's flagship venture, the Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability–Middle East (IEMS).

"The institute is focused on enabling sustainable development for companies through vocational and professional training courses," she said. "My goal is to make environmental education a standard among schools in the UAE and to reach more universities, professionals and businesses."

She is proud of being an Emirati woman following her passion and doing something impactful. However, she credits her peers and the country for helping her achieve her goals.

"I would not have reached this position without collaborating with my colleagues and seeking mentorship from the leaders at BEEAH Group," she said. "The UAE has truly placed great importance on empowering talented Emirati women to become future leaders, which I have experienced at BEEAH. I believe this focus will only grow in the years to come, and more opportunities, especially in emerging industries, will be available to Emirati women.

Al Huwaidi says she owes everything in her life to what her parents have taught her.

"Both my mother and my late father, may God rest his soul, have been guiding forces for me," she said. "My mother, Maitha Al Dah, is a retired school principal and her work ethic is something I have always admired. She is extremely punctual and has a steadfast dedication to everything she does, and her principles have been a part of how I operate as a professional."

"My late father, Abdelaziz Al Huwaidi, was a major in the UAE Military, a disciplined man who was always thinking of his community. It is from him that I learned to create a positive impact on the people around me and in wider society. He was also my bedrock. Ever since I was young, he showed me that I had the freedom to pursue my dreams as an Emirati woman. Both my parents have supported my choices 100 per cent, and this is invaluable. They will always be my role models."


Al Huwaidi also encouraged other Emirati women never to limit their ambitions and learn from others.

"There are so many Emirati women to take inspiration from today," she said. "Women should pursue their interests, research about the female leaders in their area of interest and learn from their examples. It is also possible to seek out Emirati women mentors in so many different fields and industries. Opportunities in the UAE are also growing at such a rapid pace."

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