Ramadan provides opportunity to improve ourselves

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Ramadan provides opportunity to improve ourselves
Mana Gisheh Sayadan Zadeh

Dubai - Ramadan is not just about fasting from sunrise to sunset, but also a time to dedicate more time to God

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Published: Sun 26 Jun 2016, 6:51 PM

Last updated: Sun 26 Jun 2016, 8:59 PM

I have been living in Dubai for almost 11 years now with my parents and my sister. Spending the holy month of Ramadan here in the UAE is such a beautiful experience. The spirit of giving, the mix of different cultures, the charity drives and unity among people of different nationalities come out even more beautifully during this blessed month of Ramadan here.

Name: Mana Gisheh Sayadan Zadeh
Nationality: Iran
Age: 22 years
Occupation: Pursuing bachelors degree from University of Wollongong.
Ramadan is the month of forgiving, generosity, kindness, and having more patience. As we all know, many people - even those with low level of faith - try to reform themselves during this holy month in terms of respect, patient and practicing Islamic rituals and moral points to get more close to Allah.
Although I started fasting when I was nine years old, I did not understand the real meaning of fasting during this holy month. It is only a few years ago that I understood the real philosophy of this month and fasting. Before I would was just pass time sleeping and staying hungry. Due to aimless fasting, I would sometimes lose my temper or even get very low as a result of low sugar levels in the body. And it started affecting my mood adversely.
But this year I asked God to help change my attitude towards this beautiful month and help me give it its due. As a precautionary measure and to test myself, I started fasting few days before the holy month actually began. And thanks to the Almighty, I have been able to attain the desired peace and tranquility that we associate with this beautiful month. I read, understood and realised why Allah has given this holy month so much importance.
"The month of Ramadan (is that) in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion." (2:185)
Now I can feel what Ramadan fasts mean to all Muslims and how it gives us an opportunity to improve ourselves as individuals. Ramadan is not just about fasting from sunrise to sunset, but is also a time to dedicate more time to God and take time off the worries, stress, treasures and pleasures of this world. It helps me understand that in the end nothing in this world will remain except your deeds and God will judge you on the basis of how you have lived your life in this world.
Ramadan has made me more God-conscious and it is for the love and fear of Allah that I am now able to control my mind and my actions. It is the time when we Muslims act more responsibly in terms of our actions towards others.
I remain extra cool during Ramadan and this is the month when I am at my all-time best. I spend time mostly reciting the Holy Quran, taking part in charity activities, preparing Iftar for my friends and inviting them to my house. I feel really lucky to be able to spend my Ramadan here in Dubai as the sheer number of nationalities with their different cultures is just overwhelming. It's such a nice feeling to see people of different cultures respect each other as well as revere this holy month owing to the fact that it's very special for Muslims. I remembered that I had a non-Muslim friend who used to fast along with her Muslim friends and provide Iftar for many people. She also believed that this blessed month is the month of purifying the body as well as soul.
As a Muslim, I'm really proud that this holy month is not just the month of gathering Muslims but also the month of gathering people of all nationalities, casts, cultures and religions. I hope everyone of us can take advantage of this month in the best possible way and please Almighty Allah because we don't really know how many more Ramadans we will be able to see.
(As told to Saman Haziq)

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