'He landed in the morning and was caught begging by evening'

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He landed in the morning and was caught begging by evening
In a shocking incident, Al Mansouri said an East European visitor was caught begging near a mosque on the first day of his arrival in Dubai.

Dubai - Ramadan anti-begging campaign nets 325 in Dubai; 300 runaway maids also arrested.


Amira Agarib

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Published: Thu 23 Jul 2015, 4:30 AM

Last updated: Fri 24 Jul 2015, 3:00 AM

The Dubai Police have arrested 325 beggars, including three children, during the anti-begging Ramadan campaign that concluded with the end of the holy month. The three children who were caught confirmed that their parents had forced them to beg.
Lt-Colonel Ali Al Shamsi, director of the counter-infiltration department at the Dubai Police, said that some women took their children along while begging in order to gain sympathy of the people.
The police also arrested 300 runaway maids residing in the UAE illegally, and 131 vendors found begging on the emirate's streets.
Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police, said most of the beggars were caught from near mosques, shopping malls and residential areas.
In a shocking incident, Al Mansouri said an East European visitor was caught begging near a mosque on the first day of his arrival in Dubai. He landed in Dubai in the morning and was caught begging the same evening, he said.
Another GCC national who was found begging said he wanted money to buy alcohol as he was addicted to it but had no money to buy it during. He was referred to the Dubai Public Prosecution.
Talking about the different tactics used by beggars to exploit people, Al Shamsi said they caught a perfectly healthy man, sitting on a wheelchair and begging outside a mosque. On being asked for his ID card, it was found that he worked with a charity organisation in his home country.
In another incident, Dh25,000 was found with an Asian beggar, who was caught seeking alms on the 25th of Ramadan (one of the Laylat-ul-Qadr nights). He confessed he had collected the money that day by way of begging.
Al Shamsi said police patrols posted across the emirate's markets arrested two women for stealing a person's iPhone 6. Some more women beggars were caught stealing from women's bags in shopping malls and crowded areas. He said most of the women who were arrested were found to be business women (as per their passports).
In other incident of begging, the police found two GCC nationals begging while driving in the Jumierah area (that mostly has Emirati population). The police also arrested 13 members of a family including parents and children, who knocked on people's doors and asked for Zakat.
Al Mansouri praised the joint efforts of the DNRD, Dubai Municipality, Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai and Awqaf and other departments that assisted the police in helping rounding up the beggars.
Maids and Vendors
Al Shamsi said the police team has arrested 131 vendors from various areas found selling goods as well as begging.
The team also caught 300 absconding maids. They were making a living by taking up part time jobs by going from house to house offering their services, especially during Ramadan when the demand for domestic help goes up.
Al Shamsi said this year the anti-begging campaign proved to be a success as people cooperated and called the police to report any suspicious activity.

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