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‘Emirati mothers are the custodians of UAE’s future’


Dubai - Malak Afarsi, an Emirati mother of two girls aged eight and six, said every day is ‘Mother’s Day’ for all mothers.


Dhanusha Gokulan

Published: Sat 20 Mar 2021, 8:57 PM

Emirati mothers are the custodians of the country’s future, said proud UAE mums on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

As the UAE takes massive strides into a sustainable and technologically advanced future, Emirati mothers have said they have the unique responsibility to remind the youth of the country’s rich heritage, past and culture.

Malak Afarsi, an Emirati mother of two girls aged eight and six, said every day is ‘Mother’s Day’ for all mothers. His daughter, Lamia Tariq, is a well-known gymnast and has bagged several accolades for the UAE. She continues to have her sights firmly set on the Olympic Games someday. Malak said, “When we were growing up, we did not understand there was a special day set aside for mothers. However, now, as women and their efforts are more recognised, the value they bring – both working professionals and stay-at-home moms is immense.

“In the older days, ladies spend their time at home managing the household. Yet, we cannot minimise the role they played. Mothers teach their kids the importance of family life, religion, culture and heritage,” she added.

As the UAE catapults into a technologically advanced future, it is more critical to remind the younger generation of Emirati roots.

“Women today also have to balance both roles. They are professionals, and they have to raise their kids. Mothers are the custodians of their kabeela or tribe. In this fast-moving modern world, mothers play a key role in reminding kids where they come from,” she said.

Malak also said the initiatives launched by Sheikh Mohammed leave an everlasting impression on the youth. Deema Falaknaz, an Emirati mom to four kids aged – 13,8,5 and eight months, said, “I feel proud to be an Emirati mum. It is my responsibility to raise my kids and raise them to be proud Emirati. I’m proud to say that my children are both outstanding students. We have to provide them with high-standard of education which in turn takes the country to great heights.”

She added, “A successful home starts with a dedicated mother, which in turn leads to a successful country.”


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