Eida gets new name, responsibilities


Eida gets new name, responsibilities

It also changes the role of the authority

By Wam

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Published: Wed 23 Aug 2017, 9:48 PM

The President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has issued Federal Decree No. 3 of 2017 to amend law on the establishment of the Emirates Identity Authority (Eida).
According to Article 1 of the decree, the name, Emirates Identity Authority will be replaced with Federal Authority for Identity and Naturalisation (FAIN).
The decree also changes the role of the authority, with the additional role being concerned with naturalisation affairs, passports, and the entry and residence of expats in the country. The authority shall be in charge of charting the related policies and ensuring their enforcement, according to the provisions of this decree, and current national laws and regulations.
According to Article 4 of the law, the current regulations, which concern naturalisation affairs, passports and the entry and residence of expats, shall still be in force, as long as they do not contradict with its articles or until other regulations are issued to replace them.
Article 5 of the law states that relevant authorities are to undertake the necessary measures to implement what is included in this law according to their competencies and achieve such measures in a period that does not exceed six months as per a resolution of the cabinet of ministers.
According to Article No. 2, Article 6, Paragraph 3 of Article 8 and Article 11 of the decree of Federal Law No.2 (2004) shall be substituted by the following text: The authority shall be administered by a board composed of seven members, including the board chairman with ministerial capacity, and a vice-president, and the members shall be appointed under a federal decree and shall represent all entities concerned with the authority's competencies.
The board shall have a renewable membership term of three-years, and whenever a member's seat becomes vacant, another member shall be appointed for the rest of the membership period, and the vice-president shall replace the chairman in his absence. The chairman of the board shall issue the statutes and internal regulation of the board after approval by other board members.
Paragraph 3 of Article 8 is to be substituted by the adoption and issuance of decisions and internal regulations related to the financial and technical affairs of the authority, as well the approval of the new organisational structure and the authority's human resources department, after its submission to the cabinet for approval and issuance.
Article 11 stipulates that a Director-General should be appointed by the authority, with the rank of a ministry undersecretary or a military officer with a rank not lesser than Major-General, under a federal decree after the approval of the Cabinet, upon the nomination of the board.

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