Daughter abandons elderly mum on road

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Daughter abandons elderly mum on road
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Dubai - Police officers, however, found the elderly woman and returned her back home, police said on Thursday.

By Staff Reporter

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Published: Fri 19 Feb 2016, 3:56 PM

In an incident Dubai police are calling inhumane and void of emotions, a female GCC national in her 30s abandoned her aging mother - who suffers from short-term memory loss - in a backstreet of Jumeirah.
Police officers, however, found the elderly woman and returned her back home, police said on Thursday.
Colonel Abdullah Khadim Surour Al Masam, Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, said that officers received a tip that the old woman was sitting on an embankment in Safa Park.
When police arrived, it appeared the woman had no mobile phone, and was taken to the police station where she was looked after by female employees of the communications section. Police officers questioned her and found that she is a GCC citizen, and found an ID, from which police got cell phone numbers for her children.
"The woman failed to specify the location of the house she is staying in, but gave only the names of her children and said she is staying with one of her daughters, who drove her from the house to Jumeirah and asked her to step off the vehicle before she drove off leaving her alone in the street", Colonel Abdullah said.
 "A female employee spoke with the lady and succeeded to get the phone number of her other daughter. She called her and asked her to come to the police station, but she apologized on pretext of she was not in the emirate of Dubai, but she gave the phone number of her sister with whom her mother is staying," he added.
Police called the daughter who left her, but she refused to come to the police station to retrieve her mother, and only gave them the location and address of the house in Muhaisnah.
 Mentally unstable daughter
Colonel Abdullah added that the female police employee accompanied the woman to the house after nearly six hours of conversation.
At the house, the daughter - who police say is mentally disturbed - began to yell and scream at her mother, and told police that her mother had caused the issue and that she had attempted to "get rid" of her by abandoning her.
The female staffer tried convince the daughter to accept her mother, who gives her daughter her salary each and every month, but the daughter persisted.
Colonel Abdullah said police contacted officials with the Community Development Authority to follow-up on the woman after the daughter eventually assured and convinced officers that she would provide the care her mother needs, and that she would provide a doctor to help treat her short-term memory loss.
Police also advised the daughter to hire a maid to help her mother and look after her.
 "All the children of the woman had left their mother and refrained from visiting her for long time due to the behavior of their youngest sibling, who often quarreled with their mum whenever they visited, for she was mentally disturbed", he noted.
The female police employee from the communications section also contacted a psychiatrist and promised to treat the girl, and also attend to the woman.

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