56 accused get 10 years in sedition case

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In a landmark verdict on Tuesday, the Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi sentenced the main 56 accused to ten years in prison, while five others received seven years in the sedition case involving 94 Emiratis.


Amira Agarib

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Published: Tue 2 Jul 2013, 1:10 PM

Last updated: Tue 11 Oct 2022, 10:24 AM

Eight of the accused who were tried in absentia, were handed down sentences of 15 years each.

Twenty-five defendants, including 12 women, were cleared of charges of forming a clandestine organisation and plotting to overthrow the government. The fate of two of the accused is unclear.

A total of 94 dissidents were on trial on charges of forming an organisation with an aim to usurp power.

The defendants, who included 12 women, were linked to the Al Islah group, which has links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Eighty-five of the defendants, including the women, appeared before the state security bench of the Federal Supreme Court when the verdict was read out on Tuesday.

The charges against the 94 defendants included violating Articles 180 and 182 of the UAE Penal Code, which ban the formation of any organisation aimed at overthrowing, seizing or opposing the basic principles of the state.

The defence lawyers presented their arguments at the hearings which began on March 4

The detainees, arrested between March and December 2012, had pledged allegiance to the rulers of the United Arab Emirates and urged the president to lift a ban on Al Islah.

The court hearing was broadcast by Abu Dhabi TV and the court hearing was attended by lawyers, university professors and students.

Relatives of the defendants, journalists and human rights group’s country’s top security court also attended the final hearings.

The State Security Court of UAE Federal Supreme Court, presided over by Judge Falah Al Hajiri, this morning announced the verdicts in the case of the 94 Emiratis accused of various charges.

Verdicts were as follows

(numbers refer to the order on the charge list)

First, defendants sentenced in absentia to 15 years in prison.

13. Mohammed Saqr Yousef Al Zaabi.

14. Abdul Rehman Khalifa Salim bin Subaih.

27. Saeed Nasser Saeed Nasser Al Tenaiji

34. Mohammed Jassem Mohammed Darwish Al Nuaimi.

35.Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Al Shaiba.

37.Hamad Mohammed Rahma Obeid Al Shamsi

81. Khalaf Abdul Rehman Al Rumaithi.

88. Jassim Rashid Al Shamsi.

Second, sentenced to ten years imprisonment, followed by three years probation

1. Sultan Kayed Mohammed Al Qassimi.

2. Mohammed Ali Saleh Al Mansour Al Mansouri

3. Rashid Omran Ali Obaid Al Shamsi.

4. Hussain Ali Abdullah Al Najjar Al Hammadi.

5. Hassan Mohammed Hassan Ahmed Al Hammadi

6. Ahmed Ghaith Ahmad Ghaith Al Suwaidi.

7. Ali Hussain Ahmed Ali Al Hammadi.

8. Ali Saeed Mohammed Hassan Al Kindi.

9. Khaled Mohammed Abdullah Al Shaiba Al Nuaimi.

10. Saif Mohammed Ali Al Ajla Al Ali.

11. Abdul Salam Mohammed Dawrish Al Ali

12. Hamad Hassan Ali Ruqait.

15. Mohammed Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Al Siddiq Al Obaidali.

16. Hadef Rashid Abdullah Al Owais

18. Abdullah Naseeb Karama Al Jaberi.

20. Fuad Mohammed Abdullah Hassan Al Hammadi.

21. Hussain Munef Al Jaberi

22. Ahmed Saif Kalf Saleh Al Matri

23. Mohammad Abdullah Al Roken

25. Abdul Rahim Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al Zarouni

26. Issa Khalifa Ahmed Saif Al Al Suwaidi

28. Juma Saeed Juma bin Darwish Al Falasi

30. Misbah Darwish Juma Kadas Al Rumaithi

31. Shaheen Abdullah Mall’allah Al Hosani

33. Saif Mohammad Saif Mohammad Al Attar Al Dhanhani

36. Ahmed Yusuf Abdullah Buatabi Al Za’abi

38. Khalifa Hilal Khalifa Hilal

41. Khalid Fazal Ahmed Jasim

42. Salim Ali Salman Hamdoon Al Shihhi

43. Saleh Mohammad Saleh Al Zafeer

44. Salim Abdullah Rashid Sahoo Al Suwaidi

45. Khalid Mohammad Yusuf Salim Rashid Al Yammahi

47. Ahmed Rashid Ibrahim Al Taboor Al Nuaimi

48. Saeed Nasir Saeed Usman Al Wahidi

49. Ali Abdullah Mahdi Saleh

52. Abdul Aziz Ali Saeed Harib

53. Ibrahim Ismael Ibrahim Al Yaqoot

54. Ahmed Saqr Mohammad Obaid Al Suwaidi

55. Tariq Hassan Abdullah Al Qattan Al Harmodi

56. Rashid Khalfan Obaid Sabt Al Ali

59. Tariq Ibrahim Abdul Rahim Al Qasim

60. Abdul Rahman Ahmed Mohammad Al Hadidi Al Ali

61. Eisa Ma’adad Abdullah Al Seri Al Muhairi

71. Salim Mosa Farhan Al Halyan

75. Ali Salim Mohammad Al Ghawas Al Za’abi

76. Ali Abdullah Fath Ali Al Khaja

77. Ahmed Hajji Sakher Al Qubaisi

78. Ahmed Hassan Mohammad Al Rustamani

80. Ahmed Kuned Al Muhairi

82. Ismail Abdullah Mallallah Al Hosani

85. Abdul Rahem Abdullah Abdul Kareem Naqi Al Bastaki

86. Mohammed Saeed Mohammed Thiyab Al Abdouli

87. Ibrahim Hasan Ali Al Marzouqi

89. Hasan Munif Al Jaberi

92. Najeeb Ahmad Abdullah Ahmad Amiri

94. Ali Mohammed bin Hajr Al Shehhi

Third, sentenced to seven years imprisonment

39. Omran Ali Hasan Al Radhwan Al Harthi

40. Mahmoud Hasan Mahmoud Ahmad Al Hosani

73. Abdullah Abdul Qader Ahmad Ali Al Hajiri

74. Mansour Hasan Ahmed Al Ahmadi

84. Fahd Abdul Qader Ahmed Ali Al Hajiri

The following 25 defendants were found not guilty.

17. Khamis Saeed Ali Saeed Alsam Al Zeioudi

19. Ahmed Awad Yaslam Salem Al Sharqi

24.Amina Sultan Abdullah Al Nuaimi

29.Mariam Mohamed Saleh Mohammed Al Zaferi

32.Hoda Khalfan bin Kamel Al Nuaimi

46.Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Rashed Abdan Al Naqbi

50.Jamal Awad Yaslam Salem Al Sharqi

51.Adnan Abul Karim Mohamed Jalfar

57.Ali Humaid Ali Rashed Al Nuaimi

58. Badr Abdul Rahman Abdullah Hussein Al Hammadi

62. Fatima Obaid Al Salaqi, Wife of Ibrahim Ismail Al Yaqout

63. Majida Fares Abdul Razeq Al Fares Al Shammari

64. Hessa Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Al Zafir

65. Fatima Hassan Mohammed Al Za’abi

66. Najiba Mohammed Hassan Al Hosani

67.Naeema Mohammed Yehia Abdullah

68. Jamila Salem Obaid Al Tarifi Al Shamsi

69. Hadya Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Sayed

70. Naeema Ali Hassan Abdullah Al Marzouqi

72. Rashid Mohammed Abdullah Al Roken

79. Tawfiq Youssef Al Shaikh Abdullah Al Mubarak

83. Adel Ahmed Abdul Kareem Al Zarouni

90. Mohammed Abdullah Al Sha’mi

91. Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Abdullah Al Hammadi

93. Najeeba Abdullah Ahmed Youssef Al Hashemi

It was further ordered by the the Court that the following properties should be confiscated, all having been mentioned in the experts; report to the court..

1. An amount of AED 290,000 seized in the treasury at the home of the accused, Salem Abdullah Rashid Sahoo Al Suwaidi

2. An amount of AED 100,000 held at the Tebah for Pilgrimmage and Umrah in Sharjah, for Eisa Ma’adad Al Sarri Al Muhairi.

3. 20% of the capital of the Al Salam English Private School in Abu Dhabi.

4. AED one million and one hundred thousand dirhams of the equity of Manazal Construction Company.

5. Al Khatem Farm, North, No. 97, owned by Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Kaneed Al Muhairi.

6. Residential and Commercial Building No. 1875 in Muwaileh area, Sharjah, Plot No. 1443.

7. Commercial Building No. 2206 at Muwaileh area, Sharjah, Plot No. 804

8. AED one million owned by Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Al Rustumani.

9. Devices and tools used in the crime.

10. Closure of the following was ordered

1. Al Aqel Al Zaki Centre

2. Al Usrah Al Saeeda Centre.

3. Manarat Educational Consultancy MEC in Ajman.

4. Websites:

Emirates Media ‘&’ Studies Center (EMASC).

The Seven Emiratis website.

watanserb.com (Watan Yugharedo Khareja Al Serb)

aleslaah.net (Da’wat Al Eslah)

www.yanabeea.netYanabe’a Tarbawiya (educational springs).

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