Less frantic in Fujairah


A weekend getaway to the picturesque emirate is just what is needed for a dose of pep-up.

By Sushmita Bose

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Published: Fri 20 Jan 2012, 1:45 PM

Last updated: Tue 15 Nov 2022, 4:25 PM

A smattering of world-class hotels are at your service — among them, the Nour Arjaan by Rotana, that gives you a home away from home. And a very luxurious one at that

Fujairah — sandwiched between blue seas and rugged mountains — is one of the prettiest places in the Gulf. If you want to pack away urban stress and the hustle and the bustle that accompany the lives of all city slickers, then a short break in the emirate is just what the doctor ordered.

The Nour Arjaan by Rotana, strategically located in the heart of downtown Fujairah — the main town, not the emirate obviously — spotted an evident trend, and decided to capitalise on it: many tourists preferred ‘homely comforts’, in addition to a dose of premium hospitality. The property offers apartments, not hotel rooms — ranging from studios (suitable for the single traveller or a couple) to three-bedroomed spaces (for large families or a big group of friends), straddling a wide array of price points.

Apartments are packed with all creature comforts you can think of, so even if you just want to relinquish city life for a couple of days and simply chill without the onus of traipsing about on sight-seeing missions, then this is a great place to settle for.

The rooms are with a view: drink in the stunning views of the greyish blue mountains towering around you, the blue seas which never seem to retreat, and the main town of Fujairah that unfolds under your gaze like a fairyland.

And you absolutely need to see how stunning Fujairah town looks at night, all bejewelled and twinkle-eyed. The best way to catch the show is from the poolside at the Nour Arjaan, housed on the top floor.

Make it more memorable by indulging yourself with a one-hour full body massage at the spa (on the same floor), and then stepping out for an evening drink to the poolside while a host of excitable kids splash around noisily.

Fujairah Fact-box - Things To Do

The Internet is full of information on ‘what to do’ in the emirate, and most hotels will probably organise a tour for you. Be sure not to miss out on the following:

The Al Bidyah Mosque, built in 1446, is the oldest mosque in the Emirates. It’s made entirely of stone and mudbricks, and is utterly beautiful. It’s sure to take you back to a time and age when life was simpler — and probably more meaningful.

Fujairah is dotted by a stunning coastline, and great beaches. Weather permitting — and these days, it does — go camping, or just organise an impromptu picnic.

There are a few diving schools where you go diving and snorkeling. One word: exhilarating.

About 30kms from the main town, is the village of Masafi — meaning ‘pure’ in Arabic, and from which the popular bottled water brand gets its name. Check out the all-day Friday market, where you get farm-fresh produce, a host of local artefacts and collectibles — and a vibrant, colourful local ambience.

Drive down to the more than 300-year-old Fujairah Fort, bordered by date gardens, and live out an otherworldly stretch of time.

Cliff-watching at Dibba, an unforgettable experience. While you are at it, try out a boating trip around the Gulf of Oman.

Visit the Fujairah Museum to get a taste of history.

Drive down the majestic Hajar Mountains — but ensure you take an SUV that can handle the rocky terrain.


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