Video: Sheikh Hamdan's first look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Video: Sheikh Hamdans first look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Dubai - Samsung sent their latest flagship phone to the tech-savvy Crown Prince ahead of the big launch.

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Published: Wed 17 Apr 2019, 3:17 PM

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, shared an Instagram story on Monday that cheered up Samsung users and the company - especially - after he shared his first look at the new flagship phone, the Galaxy Fold.
It's no hidden secret that the tech-savvy Crown Prince is an Apple fan, from having visited Apple stores in UAE to meeting the tech giant's CEO, Tim Cook - so sharing this first look of the revolutionary Samsung 'foldable phablet' with his 7.8 million followers on Instagram is probably a first for the royal and Android users among his followers.
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The South Korean tech giant, apparently, sent out the Galaxy Fold to famous tech vloggers around the world, who were quick to give their followers on social media a first look/impressions of the 7.3-inch phone.
Sheikh Hamdan thanked Samsung for the phone and posted a boomerang video and photo of the gorgeous phablet on Instagram.
The 4.3-inchSamsung Galaxy Fold opens up like a book to reveal a double-sized 7.3-inches screen on the inside.
Retailing at an eye-watering $1,980 (Dh7,300), it is expected the phone may cost a bit higher in the UAE. The phone is set to launch on April 26.

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