Microsoft building new AI models for cybersecurity

Company’s showcase includes demonstrations of Copilot for Security


Somshankar Bandyopadhyay

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Published: Tue 23 Apr 2024, 9:56 PM

The era of AI presents a massive opportunity for almost all industries, but it also presents significant threats, which companies and governments need to urgently address, a senior official said .

“We are wintessing the attack techniques, the scale the speed of attacks, evolving continuously, and we’re sharing with our customers some of the latest tools we’re making available for an enterprise and government customers on how to employ generative AI in the field of cybersecurity,” Tariq Halawani, Executive Director- Enterprise Solutions at Microsoft, told Khaleej Times on the sidelines of Gisec Global in Dubai.

Halawani identified key pillars that the US tech giant is working on. “The first is the acknowledging part where we’re making sure that we employ the latest generative AI and here we’re talking about the GPT 4 and GPT 5 — the latest AI models into the field of cybersecurity by training is very specific AI models on cybersecurity data, infusing those models in all our products for basically endpoint security, cloud security, posture, security, and we’re making it available for customers to use and we’re presenting also AI in for cybersecurity professionals as a co pilot, so we’re releasing also co pilot for security to augment the ability of cybersecurity professionals to respond and detect to recent and evolving threats at speed. So this is on the technology side. But also I think we could understand that we cannot do it on our own. I think here comes the power of partnership. So we’re also basically we’ve launched the secure foundation initiative, through which we bring a lot of our partners and policymakers into this effort. We also continuously see that basically one of the biggest areas of challenges is around the skill set. So we’re also investing in building up the skill set on the modern tools, of basically dealing with cybersecurity. What we knew, as of five years ago is no longer relevant. So that’s why we’re ensuring that we’re continuously building the credibility and the skills for what’s emerging and for the new tools being used in the cybersecurity world,” he added.

Tariq Halawani, Executive Director- Enterprise Solutions at Microsoft
Tariq Halawani, Executive Director- Enterprise Solutions at Microsoft

Microsoft is welcoming attendees to the forefront of cybersecurity advancements at GISEC Global 2024, the region’s premier gathering for the cybersecurity community. As a strategic partner of the event, Microsoft is showcasing its commitment to leveraging the power of AI to empower digital transformation journeys while ensuring cyber resilience.

“The AI revolution has been remarkable and exciting to witness, but it has also presented a growing amount of risk,” says Naim Yazbeck, General Manager of Microsoft UAE. “Increasingly, we are seeing attackers launch highly sophisticated cyberattacks, making it imperative for organizations to bolster their cybersecurity defenses and stay vigilant to safeguard sensitive data and maintain operational resilience. At Microsoft, we believe that innovation in AI-powered cyber defense can help reverse the current rising tide of cyberattacks. We are committed to building an AI-based cyber shield that will protect customers and countries around the world, and at GISEC Global 2024, we are showcasing how our comprehensive portfolio of security solutions can achieve that while helping organizations stay ahead of evolving threats.”

At the heart of Microsoft’s showcase is Copilot for Security, the industry’s first generative AI solution designed to help security and IT professionals protect their organizations at the speed and scale of AI while remaining compliant to responsible AI principles. Made generally available on April 1, 2024, users can ask Copilot for Security questions in natural language and receive actionable responses to common security and IT tasks in seconds.

Ahmad El Dandachi, Enterprise Commercial Director at Microsoft UAE, comments: “AI greatly enhances our ability to detect and defeat cyberattacks. With Copilot for Security, we are shifting the balance of power by empowering defenders to optimize their defense approach and turn hours and days spent digging through data into minutes of quick analysis and strategic decision-making. The solution is informed by large-scale data and threat intelligence, including more than 78 trillion security signals processed by Microsoft each day, and coupled with large language models to deliver tailored insights and guide next steps. With Copilot, security teams can confidently lead their organizations into the age of AI.”

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