Turning Vision into Reality

Dr. K.P. Hussain, Founder Chairman and CEO at Fathima Healthcare Group, reflects on the journey of FMC Network UAE, emphasising the pivotal role it has played in advancing the vision of 'Healthcare for All’

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Dr. K.P. Hussain, Chairman, Fathima Healthcare Group.
Dr. K.P. Hussain, Chairman, Fathima Healthcare Group.

Published: Fri 26 Jan 2024, 10:50 AM

Ensuring universal access to good healthcare is the cornerstone of a just and compassionate society. When every individual has the means to obtain timely and quality medical care, it fosters a community characterised by resilience and well-being. Beyond addressing immediate health concerns, widespread access to healthcare empowers individuals to lead productive lives and contributes to the overall social and economic development. In the late 1990s, as a medical practitioner in the UAE, I witnessed the challenges faced by the blue-collar community in accessing affordable healthcare. This concern sparked the vision for the Blue-Collar Worker Healthcare Initiative, leading to the establishment of FMC Network UAE. Our mission was clear: to make quality healthcare accessible to blue-collar workers at an affordable premium in the UAE.

Dr K.P. Hussain receiving the Annual Health Award 2023 fromSheikh Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Tolerence and Co-Existence.
Dr K.P. Hussain receiving the Annual Health Award 2023 fromSheikh Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Tolerence and Co-Existence.

The Core Concept 'Healthcare for All'

The concept of 'Healthcare for All' stemmed from a deep understanding of the struggles faced by lower-income segments. In collaboration with the UAE Government, insurance companies, and a global network of healthcare providers, our vision gained momentum. The goal was to provide medical security at affordable premiums to the low-income groups and expats, constituting nearly 90 per cent of the UAE population. Our data-backed approach, presented during my consultancy with the DHA in 2013, led to a consensus among CEOs, insurers, and third parties. Today, around eight million expats in the UAE are under the coverage of medical insurance security, marking a significant achievement in our pursuit of 'Healthcare for All.'

Global Destination for Medical Tourism

Over the last 27 years, FMC has grown exponentially through regional expansion in the GCC, the introduction of a white-collar programme, and the implementation of a fully automated online portal. Our continuous focus on developing new partnerships and attracting top talents has been instrumental. The surge in medical tourism in the UAE over the past decade prompted FMC to adapt strategically. Leveraging our empaneled institutions and partnerships with global insurance companies, we have become an integral part of the medical facilities available in the UAE. This approach positions us as a key player in the growing medical tourism sector.

Passion For Service

Service to humanity has always been a passion, inspired by organisations like the UAE Red Crescent Society. My vision as a social worker and philanthropist is to contribute to the healthcare industry, ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare for all. FMC actively facilitated support in India, providing homes for the homeless and contributing to various health requirements in Kerala

FMC, as a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), excels in handling the operational and administrative services of insurance companies. We serve as the point of contact between insurers and the insured, processing health insurance claims efficiently. Our robust network of hospitals ensures policyholders receive top-quality treatment at an affordable cost.

Dr K.P. Hussain honoured with the Icon of the UAE Award 2023 by India Today. The award was received from Shashi Tharoor.
Dr K.P. Hussain honoured with the Icon of the UAE Award 2023 by India Today. The award was received from Shashi Tharoor.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our exceptional customer service in healthcare sets us apart. By prioritising customer satisfaction, we aim to boost retention rates and improve overall business outcomes. FMC's commitment to providing accessible and affordable healthcare reinforces our position in the market.

Cost-Effective Measures

Understanding the sensitivity of premium costs for the community, FMC initiated thorough research to identify affordability. Engaging with corporates and leveraging actuarial reports, we successfully convinced insurance companies to extend coverage to both white-collar and blue-collar workers. Focusing on pharmacy costs and alternative comparisons, we highlighted issues of misuse and abuse to the relevant entities. Collaborative efforts between insurance companies, corporates, and medical providers ensured the success of cost-effective management and the delivery of affordable healthcare.

Message to Indian Diaspora on Republic Day

As we celebrate the 75th Republic Day, let us rejoice in the glory of our nation and express gratitude to our soldiers. The occasion calls for a reaffirmation of our commitment to unity, upholding the principles of federalism. On this Republic Day, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to my fellow members within and outside India. May our nation continue to prosper and thrive, with a collective effort towards a more prosperous and united future. Happy Republic Day!

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