Strengthening Bilateral Ties

The inauguration of the BAPS Hindu Mandir demonstrates the UAE's commitment to diversity, tolerance, and upholding cultural unity

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Published: Wed 14 Feb 2024, 11:40 AM

India and the UAE share a deep-rooted bilateral relationship that spans multiple sectors, including trade, culture, space exploration, and defence cooperation. EFS Facilities Services Group, a global leader in integrated facilities management, has played a significant role in strengthening these ties through its impactful initiatives.

Economic cooperation stands as a key factor contributing to the strong bond between India and the UAE. In 2022, both nations signed a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the aim of achieving a bilateral trade value of US$100 billion within five years. Notably, the UAE holds the position of being India's top trading partner in the West Asia and North Africa region, contributing six per cent to India's global exports.

Cultural ties also play a crucial role in this relationship, with the Indian expatriate community constituting approximately 30 per cent of the UAE's population. Recognising the vast potential of Indian talent, EFS Group actively recruits a significant percentage of its workforce from India. This cross-cultural exchange of expertise and knowledge enhances the diversity and strength of the workforce, contributing to the growth of both nations.

Moreover, EFS Group has taken significant steps to ensure the welfare of Indian migrant workers in the UAE and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The establishment of the Abhaar Worker Welfare Foundation demonstrates the group's commitment to supporting Indian workers by addressing job-related challenges, living conditions, and working conditions. The foundation also facilitates the repatriation of workers, providing them with opportunities to rebuild their lives and explore entrepreneurship. By prioritising worker welfare, EFS Group contributes to the overall well-being of the Indian community in the UAE.

Additionally, EFS Group has established the EFSIM Skills Development Academy across India, empowering workers and enhancing their professional growth. This academy offers comprehensive training programmes in various domains, including the Skills Verification Program that provides certifications opening doors to more job opportunities, particularly in Saudi Arabia. By improving employability and professional development, EFS Group strengthens the human resource capacity of both India and the UAE.

EFS Group's commitment to strengthening bilateral ties between India and the UAE goes beyond traditional exchanges. With its hiring of Indian talent, the establishment of the Abhaar Worker Welfare Foundation, and the EFSIM Skills Development Academy, the group exemplifies its dedication to empowering Indian workers and nurturing a robust partnership between the two nations.

Looking ahead, EFS Group aims to upskill over 5,000 individuals in the next two to three years, focusing on areas such as vocational training, soft skills, language and cultural orientation, and technology/digital literacy. The group's initiatives, in collaboration with the EFSIM Skills Development Academy, will support the professional growth and employment of Indian workers in both India and abroad. Through its commitment to worker welfare, talent development, and economic cooperation, EFS Group continues to contribute to the thriving relationship between India and the UAE, fostering cultural exchange, trade, and cooperation on multiple fronts.

As the UAE and India celebrate the inauguration of the BAPS Temple, it clearly demonstrates the UAE's commitment to diversity, tolerance, and upholding cultural unity. The UAE's dedication to promoting tolerance and peace globally further enhances its standing as a key partner for India and other nations around the world.

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