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Dr Ram BuxaniChairmanITL-Cosmos Group
Dr Ram BuxaniChairmanITL-Cosmos Group

Dr Ram Buxani has a plethora of achievements under his belt

ITL Cosmos — a diversified global business entity that has proven its competencies in consumer electronics retail, information technology, textiles and banking, holds an iconic footprint in the UAE. A company among the first to start retail operations and subsequent distribution in the UAE — is a story of a journey from humble beginnings to modest and unpretentious success. In 1953, nearly two decades before the formation of the UAE, the group was among the first to start operations and in 1960 inaugurated a departmental store in the region. Even as it was confronted with the usual and perhaps unavoidable start-up hiccups, the leadership did not diminish or dilute their resolve and determination. It is worthy of mention that such hiccups then were such which are unimaginable for most of us today, from a lack of basic infrastructure, reliable electricity and supply of potable water — things which are today taken for granted and are indeed guaranteed.

ITL steadfastly holds on to its commitment to providing and nurturing a market for consumer electronics and home appliances that caters and cares for the needs, concerns and detail of every consumer. The Group not only is an illustration of institutionalised excellence in corporate management, marketing and distribution, it also remains a trendsetter and an initiator of much of the potential and possibilities in the region. The group attributes its consistent and steadfast grip on its objectives and trajectory to its committed and dedicated leadership, who has forever been a symbol of motivation and support and a beacon of light, while the tunnel was traversed.

Rarely does one stand apart with unfailing consistency and unparalleled modesty; and yet even fewer take majestic strides into the future, with their feet grounded firmly in the past. Dr Ram Buxani, the Chairman of the ITL-Cosmos Group, does stand apart, and deservingly. A visionary entrepreneur, a social and ethical support base, a community spokesperson, a caring family member, a philanthropist, a theatre actor, a writer, indeed an established example, Dr Buxani is all of this and much more.


ITL Cosmos is one of the first distributors of Sharp worldwide and this relationship has remained a consistent and mutually beneficial relationship with Sharp — one of the world’s most renowned brands and one which has been listed consistently in the Top Five Most Powerful Global Electronics Brands for several years. ITL Cosmos and Sharp have jointly collaborated to create an expansive, committed and competitive customer base in the UAE.

Dr Buxani is also the Chairman of Veeram International Ltd. BVI; Veeram International Ltd, Dubai; ITL Group Ltd, BVI; and Cosmos General Trading LLC, Dubai. He is the Chairman of Al Razouki International Exchange Co., Dubai. Dr Buxani also serves on the Board of IndusInd International Holdings Ltd., Mauritius as among the first promoters of IndusInd Bank Ltd. in India and was its director for eight years.

His foresight in matters of the market and its global possibilities and manifestations are indeed commendable. He fondly recalls his experiences about fifty years ago at the World Expo in Osaka, Japan and later in Seville, Spain, when they were officially known as International Registered Exhibitions and were poised as a global gathering of nations dedicated to finding solutions to contemporary pressing challenges by offering a journey inside a universal theme through engaging and immersive activities. The Expo was then a gateway for countries to familiarise themselves with the cultures, values and life-worlds of other people. Commenting on Expo 2020 Dubai, Dr Buxani said, “the leaders of the UAE have revolutionised the Expo, transforming it from a ‘local’ event, where countries participated to familiarise themselves with the cultures, values and life-worlds of other people, to an expression of a global economic market- meeting place.”

As a community leader, he remains a prominent spokesperson of NRIs in the Gulf, Dr Buxani is the Founder Chairman of the Overseas Indians Economic Forum (UAE) established in 1987, a leading NRI entity in the region until its merger with the Indian Business and Professional Council in 2003. He played a proactive role in bridging the gap between the Government of India and NRIs. The abolition of estate duty in India is the outcome of his committed efforts. His contributions as social and ethical support and a philanthropist are evident in his commendable contributions in arranging temporary shelter for NRIs who were fleeing from Kuwait e-route to India.

In 2003, Dr Buxani unveiled his autobiography, ‘Taking the High Road’, which has been acclaimed by critics. The book is a living testimony of life made. It has been translated to Arabic, Sindhi, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi and Malayalam. He is the recipient of several awards and honours including the coveted Man of the Year Award by Bharat Ratna, an English magazine published from Hong Kong in 1992, the Shield by the President of India in 1983; Jhulelal Award by International Sindhi Panchayats Federation, Mumbai in 1987; Shiromani Award in 1987; and the Udyog Ratan Award in 1987.

ITL Cosmos is a brand, a history in itself, standing firmly with the aspirations and ideations of the People and Leadership of the UAE — a destiny for the future.

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