Globetrotting Chronicles

Safiya Mansoor's fusion of travel and gastronomy is creating magical social media experiences


Anam Khan

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Published: Tue 15 Aug 2023, 12:05 PM

Last updated: Tue 15 Aug 2023, 12:07 PM

Everyone finds inspiration in life, but it holds a unique significance when it comes from your own father. This is the story of Safiya Mansoor, an Indian-born travel vlogger based in Dubai, who embarks on a journey of continuous learning through her experiences. Having journeyed across 21 countries, Safiya's travels extend beyond mere enumeration, encapsulating a wealth of tourist destinations and hidden gems for fellow enthusiasts to uncover. Among these, Kashmir, renowned as Heaven on Earth and nestled in the northernmost reaches of India, retains a special place in her heart.

"My father, Mansoor, has been my greatest inspiration. It’s his travel genes that were passed on to me. He travelled extensively for work during his younger days. He would come back after every trip and share his stories, about the people, streets, food and their culture. I always played his words as visuals like a movie in my head. This was the start of where I am today. Instagram gave me the platform I needed to build a community. It’s been two years of blogging, and there’s no looking back. My husband, Faiz, who loves photography and travel has made my passion project, cuptaleswithsafia a reality."

Originally from Kochi, Kerala, India, Safiya reflects upon her travel experiences that span the globe. She emphasises the significance of warm hospitality and awe-inspiring landscapes that render each journey truly meaningful. "Kashmir is known for the most welcoming people to unparalleled scenery. Their tradition of wearing ‘Pheran’ for men and women wearing hand-woven Kashmiri shawls, to their famous Kashmiri Kahwa and their signature shikaris, makes Kashmir a place of character. Needs to be on every travel goers list."

Embarking on a journey of exploration and culinary delight, Safiya's recent collaboration marks a thrilling milestone in her influencer journey. From a serendipitous moment at Borough Market, London to a flourishing partnership with Kynd Restaurant in Dubai, Safiya's endeavour to share unique experiences through food resonates deeply with her audience. "While strolling the Borough Market, I saw this long queue to eat Strawberries covered in Chocolate. I was curious to find out what was so special. With first bite, I had forgotten all about the waiting tim.This dish stayed with me. I wanted the people of Dubai to experience what I just did. I reached out to Kynd, with the idea to bring this collaboration to life. . We sold over 1500 cups of strawberries and chocolate in six days!"

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