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Cindy Emmanuel-McLean, at Tm Antoine Partners on helping families get dual citizenship

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Cindy Emmanuel-McLean, Consulting Partner, Tm Antoine Partners
Cindy Emmanuel-McLean, Consulting Partner, Tm Antoine Partners

Published: Wed 24 Nov 2021, 8:50 AM

Last updated: Wed 24 Nov 2021, 8:52 AM

Tm Antoine Partners Advisory has carved out a special place in the citizenship by investment landscape of Saint Lucia, the Caribbean and the globe. Everything we do is aimed at making our assertion that we provide five-star service, offering a tailored approach for the unique circumstances of each of our clients from enquiry to citizenship, the reality that the client experiences when working with us. This is first evidenced by the free Pre-Application Assessment that is offered by Tm Antoine Partners Advisory to each of the clients who express an interest in applying for citizenship of Saint Lucia.

Finding the perfect fit

The free Pre-Application Assessment involves conducting an initial due diligence background check on the prospective applicant. Any areas of concern are immediately pointed out to the client and discussed as to how it would affect their application for citizenship.

Another key feature of the Pre-Application Assessment is providing clients with a comprehensive estimate of the costs of obtaining citizenship of Saint Lucia as well as the other four countries offering citizenship by investment in the Caribbean. Cost is perhaps the most significant factor for some clients and there is value in giving the clients the full range of options available to them. The result of that practice is that each client gets to apply for the Caribbean programme that is the best fit for them.

Our TMA Online Tool is used to provide assessment feedback to clients who can provide corrections, additional information and explanations online in real time. This has reduced the time it takes to get a file ready for submission by over 65 per cent.

The desired future

At TM ANTOINE Partners we still concur with the findings of the Task Force on Citizenship by Investment who proffered that there are five important decision-making factors for persons considering investment in a CIP programme.

•Cost – measuring the costs pertinent to the application and the net investment that the applicant is required to make.

•Speed – the time it takes to citizenship

•Global Mobility – the total number of countries accessible visa-free on a passport as well as access to the most desirable places to visit

•Simplicity – clarity and seamlessness of the application process

•Quality of Life – based on external quality of life indices.

•Saint Lucia – Let her inspire you

Given all the changes that TM ANTOINE Partners Advisory would like to see in the Programme we are always ready to answer the question – why Saint Lucia?

We are unashamed to provide you with the most biased answer that we can provide – Saint Lucia is simply good. Saint Lucia is simply good for business with a diversified economy, diversified and skilled labour force and a diversified investment portfolio. Saint Lucia is simply good for life. Our life expectancy is 74.5 years for men and 79 for women. We have a rich and vibrant culture that caters to every lifestyle. Saint Lucia is simply good for fantasy. Oprah Winfrey described Saint Lucia as the number one location to see before you die. That is further endorsed by the numerous couples that have made Saint Lucia consistently rank as the number one wedding and honeymoon destination in the world, most recently in 2018.

What properties are you promoting for investment and visa status? Please elaborate with locations.

We are currently working with Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate to promote their real estate development which is located on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. The Saint Lucia Canelles Resort is a luxury resort under two well-known brands, Dreams and Zoetry. In addition to the hotel brands, the resort offers luxury oceanfront apartments for singles and families. The Saint Lucia Canelles Resort offers exclusive opportunities to participate in cultural, artistic and educational experience as well as local community stewardship activities.

What are the benefits of applying for dual citizenship?

Saint Lucia is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. Citizenship of Saint Lucia does not only come with an opportunity for investors to live in paradise, it also provides freedom of movement for those who do not enjoy the same with their first citizenship. Now, Saint Lucians have visa free or e-visa access to about 145 countries. Our clients tell us that this freedom to move around for business and leisure is the best perk of getting Saint Lucian citizenship.

Can you briefly advise us the requisites to be eligible for this kind of citizenship? What documents are usually required to be submitted by applicants?

Anyone over the age of eighteen, who meets the necessary requirements can apply for and obtain citizenship of Saint Lucia. There are nine forms which need to be completed by the main applicant for citizens. Their dependents, who can be their spouse, child, parent or sister need to submit five or six forms. In addition to the forms applicants need to submit various identification documents, like their birth certificates, passports, and background documents like, proof of residence, curriculum vitae, academic certificates.

Do you see an increasing trend in Global citizenship space? Can you elaborate.

With the recent move towards nationalism that we are seeing the world over, one would think that people are less likely to aspire to global citizenship. However, I think that the opposite is true. The continued disparity between the more advanced countries and the less fortunate ones guarantee that the search for global citizenship will only continue to grow. Having the means to improve your circumstances is not limited to those who live in the countries with the most valuable passports. Therefore, high networth individuals who were born in countries with low value passports will continue to use their means to become global citizens.

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