'Surreal moment': Watch UAE astronaut's first spacewalk outside ISS

Sultan AlNeyadi and veteran Nasa astronaut Stephen Bowen completed a seven hour and one minute spacewalk last week


Angel Tesorero

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Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Published: Tue 2 May 2023, 3:42 PM

Last updated: Tue 2 May 2023, 8:47 PM

UAE astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi has relived the surreal moments during the first spacewalk for the Arab world outside the International Space Station he completed last week.

In a 26-second video time lapse he shared on Twitter, AlNeyadi said on Tuesday: “After completing my first spacewalk, I am humbled by the experience."

On April 28, AlNeyadi and veteran Nasa astronaut Stephen Bowen completed a seven hour and one minute spacewalk that started at 5.11pm (UAE time).

The ISS orbits the Earth once every 90 minutes, and AlNeyadi can be seen in the video completing his tasks while floating in space outside the ISS with the Earth’s horizon changing from orbital sunrise to sunset.

AlNeyadi shared how he and Bowen worked in sunlight for 45 minutes, and then in stark darkness with lights coming only from their helmets.

The temperatures also vary in space – from freezing cold minus 121 degrees Celsius to extreme heat at 121 degrees Celsius in the sunlight — which is almost three times the temperature during summer in the UAE.

People who closely followed AlNeyadi’s spacewalk vicariously experienced the space adventure and saw how astronauts were protected by spacesuits that were designed like a miniature spaceship (shaped like the human body).

With the UAE flag and the logo ‘Impossible is Possible’ emblazoned on his spacesuit sleeve, AlNeyadi has taken the big stride for Arab world’s space exploration.

The Nasa team in Houston can be heard during the live broadcast praising AlNeyadi for his good work. "That was impressive, Sultan. You have a surgeon's hands,” the ground controller told the Emirati astronaut.

Reliving that historic moment, AlNeyadi said again on Tuesday: “Thank you to everyone for the unwavering support. Onward to new frontiers.”


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