Why Dubai's luxury travel segment is dazzling

As the UAE continues to experience rapid economic development, luxury tourism will continue to bring new revenue streams to the nation and foster further economic growth

By Mouhamed Abdulkhalek

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Published: Tue 14 Mar 2023, 6:49 PM

Luxury travellers post the pandemic are looking for safety, security, and experiences that offer a sense of freedom, adventure, and exploration. The curious luxury-seeking travellers want to go to places that provide them with relief from stress, relaxation and luxury while ensuring they are protected from any potential health risks. They desire to experience something new and different while being within the safety net.

All travellers, regardless of their segment, are in search of unique and exclusive experiences that are tailored to their individual needs: private charters and guided tours, opportunities for exploration and connection with nature, and exclusive accommodation in secluded ecosystems are all attractive options.

Considering that Dubai is the trendsetter in the tourism industry, the tourism industry here has been taking a unique shape through the years. The hospitality here emphasises on providing guests with personalised and memorable experiences. The trend in Dubai is setting the trend for many other destinations. All guests are looking for a personal touch. Therefore, the service providers put a lot of effort into creating tailored experiences to satisfy guests’ needs. This is seen through various offerings from luxurious accommodations, fine dining experiences, indulgent spas and unparalleled entertainment options.

There are also several one-of-a-kind experiences that are unique to Dubai, such as desert safaris, dhow cruises, kayaking in unique mangrove forests, and visits to traditional Arabian markets — to name a few. Visitors to Dubai can also look forward to being introduced to some of the world’s most exclusive shopping and entertainment venues.

As the UAE continues to experience rapid economic development, luxury tourism will continue to bring new revenue streams to the nation and foster further economic growth. Luxury travel has also shifted the focus of the UAE to become a more diverse economy, as more middle- and lower-income citizens have had access to expensive products and services. This increased availability of luxury travel for UAE residents will benefit their health and well-being, while this trend is also helping residents and citizens connect with other cultures, creating new relationships and opportunities.

The luxury outbound travel trend from the GCC region is expected to continue growing in the coming years. With the burgeoning disposable income of the region’s wealthy citizens, as well as a growing appetite for cultural experiences and exotic, far-flung destinations, travellers from the Gulf are increasingly likely to pursue experiences abroad.

Travellers from GCC countries tend to go for experiences such as high-end spa treatments, unique halal-friendly foods and drinks, private jet charters, art galleries and shopping outlets, and special cultural experiences.

The Middle East has also become a hub for international conferences, with world leaders turning to the region to hold diplomatic meetings. The popularity of such meetings is on the rise, and with it comes a demand for luxury accommodations and amenities. This has created a whole new sector in tourism — one that is sure to attract wealthy travellers from the GCC.

Finally, the implementation of digital technology has made it easier to book luxury travel packages and destination experiences, adding to the growing trend of outbound travel from the region. This has opened up yet another opportunity for luxury travellers from the GCC to explore the world.

In conclusion, luxury travel has had a very positive impact on the UAE residents. It has generated new revenue streams and additional job opportunities, as well as providing entertainment and enrichment for its citizens. The economic opportunities that come with luxury travel are also seen as a long-term investment for the country’s future.

(The writer is managing director of Akhom Consulting, a management consulting firm that works with the travel and tourism industry.)

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