KT Edit: Take a moment to remember the carnage in Syria

Published: Sun 15 Mar 2020, 8:47 PM

Last updated: Sun 15 Mar 2020, 10:48 PM

Nine years ago, the Syrian people took a brave decision to peacefully protest against rampant corruption and injustice that had seeped into the vitals of society. Sadly, violence took hold and all-out civil war ensued. Syria, that was swept by the Arab Spring movement, sunk into despair as extreme ideologies faced off in the country.
Terror groups took charge and some of them like Daesh turned their vicious campaign against both Bashar Al Assad and ordinary Syrians who only wanted a better life. What began as the lust for power of one man mutated into mass murder and displacement of millions. Homes have been ravaged and families uprooted.
Children has lost their innocence to the mindless violence and the future looks bleak for a generation that has grown up in the shadows of war. Every stratum of society has been affected as outside players like Hezbollah, Iran's proxy, aided the Assad government to remain in power with the help of Russia that unleashed airstrikes on both terrorists like Daesh and forces fighting government troops. Dialogue was not considered. Peace was for the weak and the victor was always the one with more firepower.
International peace-keeping mechanisms failed Syria and its people. Conscience has been the big loser in this nine-year old conflict. Brute force has won - the terrorist element has been bludgeoned, while the government regains control with help from allies. The US and the Nato, the paragons of justice and conscience, have failed spectacularly in Syria. What does the future hold for the country that is witnessing a semblance of normalcy as pockets of fighting and resistance continue in places like Idlib? State-control has been exerted, some order is back, Assad is in control. Less bloodshed? Perhaps some more in Idlib? No one cares. The devastation is complete, lives have been ruined, the back of resistance had been broken. Some order, some peace, some respite from the violence. Anything is better than those nine years in living hell. The human condition has been forgotten even as Syria struggles to find its feet again. For those who stood, watched, and presided over those killings in Syria, no amount of shame and dismay will rid them of their guilt.

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