Indian-origin teens secure $2.3 million investment from OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman

Aryan Sharma and Ayush Pathak, both 19, founded their start-up Induced AI earlier this year


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Sam Altman. — AFP File
Sam Altman. — AFP File

Published: Sat 4 Nov 2023, 2:50 AM

At a time when most teenagers are aiming at clearing their exams, two Indian-origin teenagers from Silicon Valley, US, Aryan Sharma and Ayush Pathak, both 19, have achieved something extraordinary. Their start-up, Induced AI, which was founded earlier this year, has successfully secured $2.3 million in funding. This remarkable achievement comes on the heels of a funding round by Sam Altman, co-founder of OpenAI.

These young entrepreneurs are clearly making waves in the world of business and technology. Induced AI has not only secured funding from Sam Altman but has also gained support from Daniel Gross, Nat Friedman's AI grant and other backers. In a recent interview on the podcast Overpowered, Aryan Sharma revealed the intriguing incident of how he successfully established contact with Sam Altman and convinced him to invest.

"We used to send cold emails to all of these people that we would read about. I have embarrassing emails from when I was 14 that I sent out to people. I used to come on SF (San Francisco) trips and meet these interesting people at events. We met him (Sam Altman) once or twice there. Of all the cold outreach emails, some mutuals were formed over time," he said.

Aryan Sharma offered to serve as his secretary and assist in any way possible, simply in exchange for the opportunity to get to know more about OpenAI. Initially, Sam Altman told Aryan that he was preoccupied with OpenAI and Helium, a year later, he provided the young entrepreneur with valuable advice and encouraged him to focus on artificial intelligence.

"I went to him and told him, 'You said we'd come to AI... it has sort of happened, and it'll be awesome to have you with us'. That's basically how that happened,” he added.

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What Is The Startup-Induced AI About?

The primary objective of this start-up is to enable the automation of workflows that involve real-time reasoning. For instance- filtering leads, cross-referencing documents, memory, etc.

In one of his previous tweets, Aryan Sharma explained: “We let anyone create virtual AI workers that can automate the execution of workflows on a browser in the cloud with human-like reasoning.”


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