Award-winning Pakistani stylist Nabila sets benchmarks in industry

Nabila has spearheaded a montage of salons, styling high-profile projects and retailing image-related solutions.

By CT Report

Published: Wed 25 Aug 2021, 5:03 PM

Nabila is an acclaimed award-winning stylist from Pakistan whose career spans more than three decades. Nabila has distinguished herself by spearheading a montage of salons, styling high-profile projects and retailing image-related solutions in her home turf. She is also credited for setting benchmarks in Pakistan’s style industry by mentoring and grooming new talent.

Career trajectory

In 1986, Nabila returned to Karachi, Pakistan from an extensive training session at Vidal Sassoon in London and proceeded to set up her first salon. Her initial clientele expanded by word of mouth and her workspace increased proportionately. By 1995, Nabila had opened a salon for women in the Zamzama area, a fashion hub at the time in Karachi.


This was followed by her first salon for men, opened in Karachi in 1997. In the same year, Nail Express, dedicated to nail services, was launched in Karachi and an additional salon branched out to the city of Lahore. In 2001, Nabila shifted base again, this time setting up an all-purpose salon at Park Towers in Karachi.

At present, Nabila’s repertoire extends from a salon in Lahore to a salon triad dotted about Karachi’s fashionable E-Street that caters to hair, makeup and personal grooming for both men and women: Nabila’s, N-Pro and N-Gents. She is an imperative part of mainstream fashion weeks in her country. She has also worked as a Creative Consultant for L’Oreal and in collaboration with the brand, has been at the helm of a number of innovative hair-and-makeup shows.

In 2015, she diversified by stepping into retail with an all-purpose No Makeup palette. Created with specific skin tones in mind, the palette proposes to find an all-in-one solution to natural-looking flawless skin. A tailored version of the palette was launched locally and  internationally in 2017 called ZERO Makeup which has now become an acclaimed product in the beauty world.

Celebrity culture

As a visionary for style in Pakistan, Nabila is recognised for working with an extensive network of clients which includes renowned photographers, models, actors, designers, directors, leaders and opinion makers. Her guidance is visible on some of the country’s most renowned platforms including fashion weeks, hair and makeup shows, awards ceremonies, fashion shoots, cinematic productions, music videos and theatre.


Mentoring and imparting skills to promising stylists has been an inherent part of Nabila’s career-graph. She is undoubtedly a proponent of economic growth in her country and places great emphasis on creating employment opportunities for talented, hardworking individuals.

To this end, Nabila has associated herself with the Hunar Foundation where she has formed a vocational training program for hair and make-up, to educate individuals on choosing careers of their own.

She has recently been an active participant in philanthropic endeavours like University for a Night and Education for Employment and is a trustee and founder member of Goal8 Pakistan. She has represented her country on numerous international and national forums advocating for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Her business, consequently continues to expand with an increasing focus on the global market.

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