'Live in awareness for quality life'


Live in awareness for quality life

Sharjah - People have forgotten to live a "quality life" as they are leading modern busy lives, according to Das, a leading motivational speaker.


Sherouk Zakaria

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Published: Sat 3 Nov 2018, 10:07 PM

Last updated: Sun 4 Nov 2018, 12:12 AM

Finding his way from being an electrical engineer to a life coach, Indian author Gaur Gopal Das spent the last two decades helping millions around the world to find their sense of purpose.
People have forgotten to live a "quality life" as they are leading modern busy lives, according to Das, a leading motivational speaker.
As told Khaleej Times: "Often times, we let other people define how we should be, instead of us taking full charge of our lives. The greatest asset in life for human beings is the power to be willing to take charge of your own life without allowing anything to define how you feel."
In his debut Life's Amazing Secrets published this month, Das addresses finding one's purpose in life and discovering true potential. Excerpts from the interview.
Tell us about your moment of transformation from an electrical engineer to monk?
It's more of a journey of evolution than a moment. I wanted to follow my passion not conform to whatever was deemed as socially acceptable. I wanted to be completely satisfied with what I'm doing as lifestyle engineer - who works with people - not an electrical engineer who works with machines.
It's easy to say, but hard to apply. How do we remember to live a quality life?
I find a great need in like-minded communities that meet together to inspire each other and remind each other of what matters. You find fitness works best when it's done in groups of people who remind each other of why it matters.
Technology is a great place here, too, because watching motivational videos, setting a certain background on your phone plays equal priority to keep that memory going. When there's a will, there's a way. When there's no will, there's an excuse. We have to take the extra mile to get it right.
Today, 1 in 13 people struggles with anxiety and depression globally. How can people achieve a spiritual balance?
There's no ideal balance in life ever. It is misleading as we know the difficulty of achieving balance, especially in metropolitan cities that put us under constant expectations of growth. It is about priorities that change at different stages of life. If we live in awareness, we will know what needs attention at what point of time.
People nowadays mainly struggle to find their purpose. How can they find their inner purpose?
It comes through the sense of selflessness on the small and large scale, through adding value to someone's life and to the world, which doesn't come from achievements. Often times you find people reaching the maximum of their abilities then asking what next? 
That's why you see people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates wanting to give back to society, large companies starting to make their employees partners in stock markets. Work hard but don't wait to get to the top to start doing something for someone and it can be in the small things.
Lastly, what are some keys to leading a successful life? 
If you want to be successful in any area, don't focus on others, but focus on yourself. Work on yourself for a cause not applause, and the rest will come later. Express yourself, don't impress.
Commenting on the Sharjah International Book Fair, Gopal said: "The 11-day event packed with spectacular activities is incredible! 
"Giving back is not measured in quantity; it is not subject to any judgement. All that matters is the attitude of the heart," he added. 

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